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Zhou Decheng

周德成,男,新加坡人,写诗、散文、专栏文字、小说、艺术翻译、影评和文学评论。曾获2014年新加坡文学奖和2009年金笔得主。英国剑桥大学亚洲学博士候选人,曾任教新加坡国立大学和南洋理工大学教育学院中文系。著有诗集诗集《你和我的故事》等。也写写书法,参加历届新加坡和相关国际书法展,亦为国家美术馆等作中英美术和诗歌翻译,译作见《袖中有东海》、《生机出笔端:陈宗瑞》、SG Poems 2015-6等。新加坡作家协会受邀理事、书法家协会评议员、2011-7年新加坡作家节及2014伦敦图书展新加坡推荐作家等。2015年组诗《五种孤独与静默》改编成动漫短片,院线公映;2017年另五首诗为拉萨艺术学院学生改编成七部短片。曾主编《新华文学》和新加坡《五月诗刊》若干期,包括2018年《诗@乐园》、2020年科幻文学《文学智慧国》专号。

Singapore-born, Mr Chow Teck Seng aka (ZHOU Decheng)writes poetry primarily in Chinese and has won awards such as the Singapore Literature Prize (2014) and Golden Point Award (2009). Frequently contributing to literary journals, anthologies and the Chinese press in Singapore and abroad, his poems in English translation are found at Lyrikline, & WORDS, UNION (Ethos), SG Poems 2015-6 and poetry at sangum, as well as adapted as short films by Laselle students (2017). Former lecturer (Chinese-language Literature) at NUS and NIE, he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Cambridge University.


Yong Shu Hoong

A Singaporean English-language poet, Mr Yong Shu Hoong has authored six poetry collections, including Frottage (2005) and The Viewing Party (2013), which both won the Singapore Literature Prize, and the latest, Right of the Soil (2018). He is one of the four co-authors of The Adopted: Stories from Angkor (2015) and Lost Bodies: Poems Between Portugal and Home (2016).

穿上 脱下

Put On/Slip Off
– The philosophy of dressing

你脱下,我们穿上 穿上纯真,脱下端庄 美丽的幼儿园我们穿上校服 裹在一个哪吒还未被遗忘的年代 步向水漫小学学堂快乐的倾盆中 脱下原本刷了白油的帆布鞋 脱下,洁白的颜色如水脱下 脱,连濡湿的袜子都脱下 然后穿上明年,穿上成长 穿上睡衣、白衣蓝裙、衬衫、长裤皮鞋 穿上内衣、家居服、百慕达、拖鞋 扣纽扣、绑上腰带、拉平皱痕 拉上拉链、整理领口 女人画唇画眉、上妆 涂上香水、装上耳环 僧人穿上僧服、世人结上领带 树穿上像化妆品面膜的日光 穿上如网的年轮 脱下叶子、美貌 男人穿上军服,戴上爱国主义 脱下春夏秋冬 削了皮的苹果,《小王子》中摇尾的狐狸 蛇褪下过时的蛇皮,壁虎脱掉时间的尾巴 天使是穿上衣服还是赤身裸体? 魔鬼是戴上面具抑或是裸露狰狞? 在陌生的婚宴、政治正确的场合 我们最终穿上笔挺的西装 外套、面具,一副金框的眼镜 手中紧握着酒杯 酒杯,它戴着一副世故的光亮


You slip off, we put on Put on innocence, slip off decorum. For our beautiful kindergarten we put on uniforms Tucked in an era where Nezha hadn’t yet been forgotten Walking towards the school’s rain-soaked compound Slipping off canvas shoes coated with whitener Slipping off, the whiteness slips off like water Slipping, even the wet socks slip off, And then putting on the upcoming year, putting on growth. Putting on pyjamas white shirt blue skirt dress shirt trousers leather shoes Putting on underwear house clothes Bermuda shorts slippers Button up, belt up, smoothen the creases Zip up, tidy up the collar. The women paint their lips, ink their brows, put on makeup Dab on perfume, fix on earrings. The monks put on robes, the heathens knot their neckties. The trees put on sunshine as a cosmetic mask Put on the years like a net Slip off leaves and beauty. The men put on army uniforms and wear patriotism on their sleeves Slip off the four seasons. The apples are skinless, the fox is wagging its tail in The Little Prince, The snakes unroll outdated skins, the lizards shake off their timely tails. Are angels fully-clothed or naked? Is the devil masked or baring his fangs? In wedding banquets of strangers, and politically-correct occasions, We would still be putting on sharp suits Jackets, masks, gold-rimmed glasses Wine glasses tight in our clasp – Glasses that wear a certain sophisticated sheen.

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