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Zhou Hao


Zhou Hao was born in Xi’An China in 1989, he is currently a Singapore Citizen. Zhou Hao graduated from NTU with a Master of Arts, he is an award-winning poet of Chinese language. A recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Gold medal and other academic accolades, his research interest is in the intersection of Modern Chinese Poetry and Cultural Studies. He clinched numerous literary awards since he began writing in 2007, such Singapore Tertiary Chinese Literature Award, National Poetry Competition, Golden Point Award etc. Most of his works are published on newspapers and literary journals locally and overseas. In 2014, he published a Poetry anthology Language Drifters with fellow Poets from National Taiwan University’s Poetry Society. His individual Poetry collection Qing Guang was published in 2017. He currently works at Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore Press Holding.


Zhou Hao



颜色被一片片叼走后 肉体只能在光阴之间徘徊 风好客 但毕竟不容你寄宿 自由是无远弗届的笼子 无论向内还是向外 都难逃被空敞收编 无数单薄的叶子依然要反复思考 有关去留的永恒问题 想久了 叶面便生长出稀疏的羽毛 把撕碎的手稿抛得再高 它们也会回返土地 再次生根 缓慢而固执 被折腾得干瘦且无言以对 只能缠绕另一棵孤独 默默等待下一次循环 泪水无声坠入年轮的漩涡中 一切在旋转中消音 出发与逗留都将 不动声色


After the colors were nipped away slice by slice The physical body can only wander between lights and shadows Wind is hospitable, but could not let you stay for long after all Freedom is a borderless cage No matter it is facing inward or outward One never escapes been incorporated by the emptiness of space Countless frail leaves nevertheless ponder repeatedly The eternal question of staying or leaving, after long enough Sparse feathers began growing on their surface Toss those shredded manuscripts up into the air They will return to the ground Regrow their roots, slowly but stubbornly When one is tormented till scrawny and speechless One could only intertwine with another solitude Quietly waiting for the next cycle Tears dripped into the annual ring’s vortex without a sound All will be silenced in the whirling Both departure and lingering will be Composed and calm

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