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Zou Lu


Zou Lu was born in China in 1970. But now resides in Singapore. Despite starting to write only in 2006, she has won over fans with her essays and poems. she has three poetry anthologies. all published in Singapore. When she is not penning poems or writing creative essays, Zou Lu is involved in promoting social and cultural activities.


Song Meng

Song Meng is the pen name of Yeo Song Meng, He is a retiree and a freelance writer. His first book, a combination of proses and poetry in the title of Whisper in the Dusk was published in 2018.


The Morning Bell

我将隐身于这口深邃的钟 与我的悲喜交加的青春 与我的不肯凋零的爱情 与我的绮丽梦想 与我的坚韧努力 同在 方圆三百里, 几道山,几道沟,几道梁 无人的空寂中 只与天地自然喜会 我将太阳的昭示 镌刻于钟的最顶端 并把大段大段月下沉思 有序铺排在钟的周身 如果,偶尔,偶尔 有一些尘世的灵动 那就是装点的纹饰 说淡泊,而我为什么仍见微澜 说尘缘,而我为什么不见花开 期待历经长夜的等待 有一记无比的慎重 叩响我的静默 远播整个山峦


I'll hide myself in the abyss of this bell Together with my youth mixed of sorrows and joys Together with my unyielding love Together with my rosy dream Together with my persistent hard-work All to exist together Within 300 miles around Over several mountains, several trenches and several ridges In an absolute silence without a man Just to meet the nature in delight I am to carve the sun's declaration on the tip of the bell And I'm to arrange orderly the thought under the moon piece by piece around the bell At time, or occasionally If you have some other worldly smartness That would be extra ornamental pattern Talking about simplicity, why I could still see some slight wavelets Talking about the worldly fate, why I am yet to see the flower to bloom I expect after going through a long waiting of the night There is a discreet prudence arousing me from silence and spreading over to the whole mountain


The Evening Drum

竹林在暮色里是幽长的叹息 松涛在暮色里是断续的慨叹 月,有时竟是失忆 怎么都想不起来啦 曾经圆满的企盼 姻缘,总有聚散 山鸟归隐在林间 燃香是古刹禅林的幽明幽暗 你的名字就在这时静寂消失 而我,却在这时辗转醒来 山寺的鼓声悠长 跌荡廻旋在我的耳畔 若我听从这鼓声召唤 那曾经知心的容颜可否再现 星子不曾迷路 为我点灯同行 我是匆匆赶路的幽灵 在每个夜晚被鼓声唤起 找寻曾经知心的容颜


The bamboos hissing with long sighs in the evening The pines murmuring intermittently In the evening The moon, loses her memory at time She couldn't recall whatsoever The old expectation in full a marriage, always has a time together and a time in separation The wild birds have gone hidden in the jungle The burning of incense in the Buddhist temple, inducing brightness and dimness Your name has lost in the present stillness But for me, I am instantly awakened The drumming of the mountain temple lingers Vibrating continually by my ears If I would have followed the calls of the drum Could I see again the appearance of my old lover? The little stars have never gone astray They put up lights to accompany me in travelling I am a spirit hurrying on the road Every night I am awakened by the drums in my search for the appearance of my old lover

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