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Ján Gavura

Ján Gavura was born in Slovakia in 1975 and is currently lecturer at the school of art, University of Presov. His main research fields are Slovakia and world literature and literary theories in the twentieth Century, especially poetry. He has published two poetry collections this year, and is preparing third poems. His literary works have won several prizes, including the Slovakia literature prize. He also works as an editor in a publishing house.



Zhou Daomo

周道模,教师,在国内外文学报刊发表汉语、英语和翻译作品。 出版汉语诗集两部、汉英双语诗集两部、自印汉语诗集一部。曾获国内外诗歌奖。主编汉英版《2018世界诗选》。多次应邀参加世界诗人大会和国际诗歌节。中国诗歌学会会员、四川省作协会员、覃子豪研究会会长、《覃子豪诗刊》主编。

Zhou Daomo is the author of two Chinese poetry collections, two Chinese English bilingual poetry collections and one self-printed Chinese poetry collection. He won poetry awards in China and abroad. He is the Editor in Chief of 2018 Selected World Poems in Chinese and English. He was invited to attend the World Poets' Congress and the International Poetry Festival. He is now a lifelong member of the World Poets' Congress and editor-in-chief of the Qin Zihao Poetry Journal.

To Kill


I killed my first wolf When the hair on my temples Started to go grey. When you have the know-how You can kill a roe-deer With patience and on trust. Look at the wasps. Buzzing targets, They dazzle the heart of the hunter. Their hum resounds: give us a go, Our bones are so tender. There is only one truth, And there are no ambiguities. But the hunter can also be killed, His years counted out exactly, With the scruple and care of homework done By a boy who secretly adores his teacher. In this figure we can see There is someone who knows the way, Who is the way, And who, like a grey wolf, can go astray.


我的鬓角 开始渐渐灰白时 我杀死了第一只狼。 瞧这些黄蜂。嗡嗡逼近目标, 它们眩晕了这个猎人的心。 它们的嘶嘶声在回响:让我们一展身手, 我们的骨头如此柔嫩。 只有唯一的真理, 而且毫不含糊。 但猎人也可能被杀害, 他的光阴被算准了, 是一位暗自崇拜老师的男孩 用做作业的疑虑和仔细计算的。 通过这种图景我们懂了 一定有某人了解这个定律, 定律是谁, 又是谁,像一头灰太狼,误入歧途。

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