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Gui Qingyang


Gui Qingyang, born in Yushan, Jiangxi Province in 1960, holder of PhD in translation from Lingnan University, Hong Kong; full professor of English at Zhejiang International Studies University, Hangzhou, China; member and FIT ID Card holder of Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs; president of Hangzhou Translation Association; member of International Academy for Intercultural Research;secretary General of Hong Kong International Association of Creativity;vice President of the Educational Council, He has published a dozen of works, including his Chinese rendition of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bront? and his English version of Selected Poems of Gui Qingyang.


Gui Qingyang


A Tiny Sea

我说 世界上最小的海 在南澳 一枚翡翠 只能容下一个人的身体 你说 世界上最小的海 是你的眼睛 一泓碧水 只能容下我 ——我的一颗心 我说 分明看见你的眼里 还有青山绿水 还有白草红叶黃花 你说 眼睛是外在的心灵 心多大 眼就多大 你的心是最小的海 只能装下我 你的心是最大的海 可以装下我的喜怒哀乐 我的春夏秋冬


I say The slimmest sea on the earth Looming in South Australia Like a strip of jade Supporting no more than one person You say The tiniest sea on the planet Looming in your eyes Like a little pool of clear water Accommodating me Perhaps only the heart of mine I say I discover in your eyes The green hills, blue waters, red leaves Yellow flowers and grass white You say One's eyes are one's outer mind So long as one's soul is super His eyes are super as it might Your heart can be a tiny sea Capable of supporting only me Your heart can be a broad sea Holding not just emotions of mine But all seasons of my life

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