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Hai An

海岸,八十年代初就读于杭州大学外语系,现任职于为复旦大学外文学院,上海翻译家协会“STA翻译成就奖”获得者(2016),著有《狄兰?托马斯诗歌批评本》(2021)、诗集《蝴蝶?蜻蜓》(欧洲POINT Editions,2020)、《失落的技艺》(澳洲Puncher & Wattmann,2020)、《挽歌》(长诗,台湾,2012)、译有《狄兰?托马斯诗歌合集》(2021即出)、《贝克特全集:诗集》(合译,2016)等,编有《中西诗歌翻译百年论集》《中国当代诗歌前浪》等。

Hai An (海岸), pseudonym for Dingjun Li, Chinese scholar-poet and translator in China-Australia Creative Writing Centre, the Fudan University, born in 1965, now resides in Shanghai, China. He has published over ten books of poetry as the author, translator and editor, including Selected Poems of Hai An (Beijing, 2001), Elegy (Long Poem, Taiwan, 2012); A Butterfly & A Dragonfly (Europe, 2020), The Last Craft (Australia, 2020), Selected Poems of Dylan Thomas (2002, 2014, 2015, 2021), Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett (2016), Centennial Collected Papers on Sino-Occidental Poetry Translation (2007) and The Frontier Tide: Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Europe, 2009).


Hai An

Eleanor Goodman



一座又一座雕像,甚至更多 守望在桥头、古堡口,中世纪的广场 黝黑的、残缺却又那么神圣 冬日悬于流水之上,落叶金黄 镶上翅翼,嘴鼻不只是用来呼吸 手指与手指相撞,悄悄地触摸 光芒倾向河道的一侧,直窜心灵 几度穿越战火,生存或毁灭 寒风摸索你的脸面 一道道疤痕,几处创伤 肌肤收拢天下的阳光 绝不仅仅是雕像,从此不再是 不远万里,飞越双重的明亮与黑暗 推开一扇扇门,再一次仰望, 终究无法抵达彼岸,哪怕是现实 那么多的雕像,铜铸的、石刻或泥塑 淹没在目光之下,时光的深处 青鸟斜飞,远山层林尽染 地铁口,暮色里的人流,行色匆匆


One statue after another, or even more Keep a watch on a bridge, a castle and the medieval plaza Blackened, broken yet sacred The winter sun hangs high above flowing water, golden leaves falling Inlaid with wings, a nose and a mouth not just for breathing The fingers collide, and secretly touch each other Light angles toward the riverbank, and straight into the soul They have gone through many wars, surviving or perishing A cold wind gropes at your face Lines of scars, and a few open wounds The skins absorbs every ray of sunshine It is much more than a statue, from now on not Far in the distance, flying through light and dark Pushing open doors, looking up once again Yet unable to reach the other shore, even if it's real So many statues, bronze, stone or clay Submerged in time's vision, deep in the recesses of time Birds fly beyond the far multicolored forest Passengers rush out of the metro, in haste, at twilight

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