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Yuhfen Hong


Yuhfen Hong was born in the 1970s, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. PhD student of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Chung Cheng University. Director of Chinese Haiku Society, Chief Editor of Roundtable Poetry, Editor of The Epoch Poetry Quarterly. Received numerous poetry awards: the 62nd Chinese Literary Award (Poetry), the first Epoch Poetry Award, the second place in the Chinese poetry of the 39th World Congress of Poets and so on. Author of Tune of Tiny Light and The Poet in the Fish's Belly. Editor of Saijiki and Around Ten of the Wood.


Yuhfen Hong


出生后第一个喊出的名字 不是爸爸。台湾城镇的田埂间 駄伏在整个家族的軏轭下 拖犁走过四季的树荫与田野苍茫 城边夕阳暮色的水漥池塘里 滚着汗水歇息着蝉声蛙噪 牛的个性温醇,力能犂田耙土 跺蹄轻哞时卷起漫天风沙 震惊三合院一棚豆瓜一窝家畜 我爱他的尖角弯曲状不攻击 仅让偷偷靠近竹笼的野猪 远远的绕过酣睡的兔子和红萝卜 当机械的齿轮快速辗过 电子秤不停宣告斤两的裁决 退隐在乡里草棚边他的眼眸 慈祥如生养抚育我的父亲 由是我得着生命。遂念及生这个字 原是一头牛永恒站在故乡的土地上


The first name I called after birth Not dad. Among Taiwanese towns and fields Dormant under the yoke of the entire family He ploughs through the shades and fields of the four seasons In the pond at sunset by cityside Rests with cicada and frog noise in sweat Buffalo is warm and mellow, powerful in plowing, Rolls up the wind and sand when softly hoofing and mooing Shocks courtyards' sheds of gourds and nests of livestock I love his sharp curved corners don't attack Only let wild boars who sneak into bamboo cages Bypass and far away from the dormant rabbits and carrots When the gears of machinery roll over quickly The electronic scale keeps announcing the verdict Retreated by the grass shed in the country, his eyes Kind like father who raised me up. I have life by him. Then I think about the word “life”, Originally was a cow standing forever on the land of his hometown

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