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Ethereal Tribe


Empty Tribe, whose real name is Yang Hua, is a poet and poetry critic. He is a member of Sichuan Writers' Association, editor-in-chief of Poetry Boundary and deputy editor-in-chief of A Ding Culture. He has published three collections of poems by his colleagues. His works have been published in Star, Green Wind, Yanhe, Sichuan Poetry, Chongqing Poetry Journal, etc. He has been selected in many annual poetry magazines and occasionally won awards. He now lives in Zigong.


Fan Jun


Poet and translator. Engaged in poetry writing, literary translation and research. Translations include Nietzsche's Essays and A New School of Women's Poetry, Or Birth.


In September, The Cicadas Stop Chirping Abruptly

蝉在柳树上嘶鸣时 蚂蚁正举起蝉壳经过盛夏 尖锐的蝉声,疼痛刺骨 她亲自葬送了自己 水土之中的前世 和沉默。这人世的发声学 在风中独自成章。复读北宋理学 将阅读作为毕生之业 九月,戛然而止的蝉鸣 被埋在一场雨中,被埋葬的 还有我的诗句,我流离失所的时光 已无法倒流


When the cicadas hiss in the willow tree The ants are lifting the cicada shells through the summer The screeching of cicadas, painful to the bone She buried herself personally Past lives and silence in the land and water. The vocalization of this human world In the Wind Alone. Rereading Northern Song Dynasty Science Make reading your life's work In September, the cicadas stop chirping abruptly Buried in a rainstorm And my verses, my displaced time I can't turn back the flow

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