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Tu Yong


Tu Yong, a native of Luzhou, Sichuan. His poems have been published in Shikan, The Star, Cao Tang, Han Poetry, Poetry Wave, etc. Some of his poems have been selected for various annual anthologies.


Fan Jun


Poet and translator. Engaged in poetry writing, literary translation and research. Translations include Nietzsche's Essays and A New School of Women's Poetry, Or Birth.


Boiling Water

一壶水烧开了 我忘了关火,水不见了 又烧一壶水 等它沸腾,房子差点跑了 这一天,我都在与水较量 水瓶却一直空着 这多像我一生 一直在为一个人燃烧 为一个人行到水穷处 将自己空着


A pot of water was boiling I forgot to turn off the heat and the water disappeared Boiling another pot of water Waiting for it to boil, the house almost ran away All day long I've been battling with water And the water bottle stays empty How like my whole life I've been burning for one person To walk for one person to the end of the water Leaving myself empty


The Lion

一头老狮子,拖着血染的夕阳 缓慢,孤独,走向沙漠深处 它败给了另一头雄狮 完美地输给岁月 王国就此坍塌,曾经的荣耀、尊严 换成一具残躯,回归黑夜 这只是电视画面 仍看得我潸然泪下,让我想起 远方患绝症的老父亲 也像一头狮子,此时正躺在病床 眼巴巴地等我回家 等待我成为另一头雄狮


An old lion, trailing the bloodstained sunset Slow, lonely, going deep into the desert He lost to another lion Perfectly lost to the years The kingdom collapsed. What was once glory, what was once dignity... Change into a wreck and return to the night It's just a TV picture It still brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of A distant father with a terminal illness And like a lion, he's in a hospital bed Waiting for me to come home Waiting for me to become another lion


Give a Shout, Father

趁没人,面对冬日长江 我忍不住喊了一声:父亲 江水并不因此而激动,它老了 瘦下去的河床中,露出骨头 还漏洞百出 几只水鸟立在上面,朦胧中 像是几块墓碑 我站在岸边,淤泥张开大嘴 已经有水喝不到了 腐烂无法抑止 我的绝望如夏天洪灾 泛滥,蛮横,席卷一切 趁我还在恍惚中,儿子 突然从背后将我拦腰抱住 大喊一声:父亲


Facing the Changjiang River in winter when no one is looking.I couldn't help but cry out, Father The river isn't thrilled with this, it's old In the thinning riverbed, showing the bones And full of holes A few waterfowl stood on it, shadowy like a few tombstones I'm standing on the shore, and the mud opens wide There's no water left to drink The rot cannot be stopped My despair is like a summer flood It's overwhelming. It's ruthless. It's sweeping While I was still in a trance, my son Suddenly, he grabbed me from behind Give a shout, Father

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