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Nanguo Dujuan


Wu Zhuping, pseudonym "Nanguo Dujuan", was born in Rudong County, Jiangsu Province on November 29, 1966, and graduated from Soochow University. His proses, poetries can be found in Xingtao Daily,Suzhou Daily,Green Wind,Poetry Tide,Poetry Forest,Liaohe River,Rain Flower,and many others. Today's Digest had published a special report to recommend his article. His poems have been selected as one of the Good Chinese poems in Chinese Poetry website,and recommended by "Good Poem of The Day" by Jiangsu channel.


Fang Shikai


Fang Shikai is a media executive. He has published more than 1000 poems and novels in several journals, such as Shichao, Green Wind, Jiangsu Literature Daily, Jiangmen Literature and Art, Shilin, Genesis poetry magazine in Taiwan, World Daily in Philippines, Wuxi Daily and others.


The Wind Blew Over The Lake

湖风从湖西吹过来 像吹麦浪那样吹动着湖面 湖水泛起了波纹,波纹搅动着阳光 波浪到达了湖心岛 把湖西的夏色也送了过来 湖风上岸了 继续吹动岸上的石头 石头也泛起了波浪 湖风吹动着岸上的草木,每一片叶子都在翻飞 湖风最后吹拂着岸上的旗帜和早起的行人 先是吹乱了他们的表情 接着再吹就吹乱了他们的内心


The wind came from west of the lake It blew the lake like a wheat wave The lake was rippled,and ripples stir the sun's rays The wave reached the island in the middle of the lake Sent over the summer colors from west of the lake The wind from the lake blew ashore Continue to blew the rocks on the shore The rocks also seemed to be rippling The wind from the lake stirred the vegetation on the shore,every leaf was flying The wind from the lake finally blew the flags and early-risers on the shore First blew their facial expression And then messed their mind up again


Where The River Bends

河流拐弯的地方,水流也慢了下来 这里的春天也走得慢 随水漂流的物质在这里停下了脚步 那是些鱼类喜欢的食物 于是这里成了一个小小的渔场 鸥鸟来了,它们是跟着小小的渔汛而来的 渔夫也是嚊觉敏感的鸥鸟 他们拖家带口在岸上搭建简单的家 拐弯的地方渐渐成了个温暖的村庄 那些大包小包的行李开始展开 炊烟袅袅展开成云朵 五谷稗草开始在土地上生长 吟虫鸣蛙如草木之影在此定居 有些人渐渐长得变成另外一种模样 诸神也是众多行李之一 它们被放置于案台之上,各司其职


Where the river turns, the water slows down also Spring is slow here, too Here the drifting material comes to a halt Those're what fish like to eat So it become a little fishing ground The Gulls are coming,they're following a little fishing flood Fishermen are also sensitive gulls They took their families and built simple homes on the shore The place around the corner became a warm village The big bags and the small bags began to open The smoke from the cooking fire curled up became the clouds The grain crop and barnyard grass began to grow in the soil All bugs and frogs lived here like the shadows of vegetation Some people took on a different look else The gods are one of the many baggage which they bring with They're placed on a Table offering, each doing their part

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