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Yang Hui


Yang Hui, a native of Yi minority in Yunnan province, member of Chinese Writing Association, graduate of Lu Xun Literature Institute at Beijing Normal University. Specialized in poetry creation and picture drawing,she has published works in Poetry, National Literature, Writer's Digest, Master and other periodicals.


Su Jin


Su Lin, pen name: Su Jin, born in 1997, of Manchu nationality. Master of Arts and Literature from Capital Normal University, vice chairman of Dongliao County Writers Association, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, and key author training target of Beijing Haidian District Writers Association in 2021.



父亲在天上 父亲在地下 父亲在空气中 他是黄天厚土里 重新获得生命的孩子 不再由人所生 不再背负祖先的耻辱与荣耀 不再担任人世的任何一个角色 甚至不需要舌根和嘴脸 骨架和人皮 他干净 轻盈透明 体内藏着一座天空 山川在胸腔里生长 江河在血管里奔流 银河穿肠而过 万物即他 他即万物 闪耀着自然之光一手分开黑白 他在哪里 哪里就天人合一 找到永恒的爱的意义 他在哪里 哪里就有健康 结束罹难 疾病和死亡


Father is in the sky, Father is underground Father is in the air He is in heaven and earth The child who regained his life No longer born by people No longer bear the shame and glory of our ancestors No longer play any role in the world Don't even need tongue and face Skeleton and human skin He is clean, light and transparent There is a sky hidden inside The mountains grow in the chest The river rushes in the blood vessels,The Milky Way passes through the intestines Everything is him,He is everything Shining with natural light, one hand separates black and white Where he is, heaven and man are one Find the meaning of eternal love Where he is, there is health End suffering, disease and death

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