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Yin Gang


Yin Gang(1970-): Born in Jiangsu Province. Senior engineer and national registered urban planner. Verse Publications include The Scenery as Usual (2013), People Are Hurrying to-and-fro (2015),Selected Poems Of Yin Gang (2018, Bilingual) and The Clouds Knows (2019). He lives in Shanghai.


Zhang Hong



树心虫在黑暗里的行动绝不是盲目的 它们日夜分解严密的年轮 打开岁月的铁环 让树木的灵魂从缺口出逃 它们解救过的每一棵树木 都毫无例外的枯萎,倒伏 这样的结果不是树心虫的目的 解构者的成就,充满喜悦 树木,一棵接着一棵的枯萎 森林越发年轻,幽深茂密 营救的锯齿声还在日夜响着 树木,一棵接着一棵的枯萎 灵魂一个接着一个的逃逸 轻盈如同云朵,白得透明 森林越发年轻 好比天空,从未老过


The movement of tree worms is definitely not blind They disintegrate the dense annual rings day and night Breaking the iron hoop of time Trying to rescue the soul of the tree through the holes Every tree they rescued Withered and fell down, without exception This result is not intended by the tree worms The achievement of deconstructionists, filled with joy Trees, withered one by one The forest is younger and younger, deep and dense The sound of the sawtooth rescue is there day and night Trees, withered one by one The souls escape one by one As light as the clouds, white and transparent The forest is younger and younger Like the sky, never got old

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