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Zhang Wenjie


Zhang Wenjie, born in 1960s in Xiantao, Hubei Province, is a representative poet of regional writing in Jianghan Plain. The poems are scattered in Shikan (Poetry Journal), Shixuankan (Selected Poetry Journal), Xingxing (Stars Journal) and other publications at home and abroad. He won many National Poetry awards, such as the 2016 outstanding poet award in Shixuankan (Selected Poetry Journal). Some poems have been translated and introduced abroad . He punished collections of poetry Sound of Wind and Youth and Blaze.


Liu Yuqin


Liu Yuqin, Poet, born in Xiantao, Hubei Province, China. He engaged in import and export trade business. He punished poetry collection Lotus Language.


Running Reeds

别以为每株芦苇都固定长在大地上 风中的芦苇,她们摇曳、奔跑 不戴耳麦也听得见巨响的呼啸 你刚看见的那几株芦苇,瞬间就跑到了前面 而眼前的几株,是从后面追赶过来的 你可以选择加入她们的奔跑 撒腿弯腰,压抑住咽喉里的呐喊 你太兴奋,几株芦苇就为你疏通了拥堵的故乡之路 片刻,你会超越一株又一株的芦苇 但万顷芦苇荡,你永远不可能跑到最前面 你跑得越远,人就会越少 最后只剩下一望无涯的芦苇 东荆河的深处,也许只剩下你一人 天空高远,镏金的流水向东 你是否再次感受到孤独


Do not think every reed is fixed on the earth That reeds in the wind, they swaying, running You can hear a loud roar without a headset The reeds you just saw, in a twinkle they ran to the front A few reeds before your eyes, is from behind to catch up You can choose to join them Bend over and run away, suppress the cry in the throat You are too excited, a few reeds will clear the congested road of your hometown A little while, you will surpass one reed after another But, in the vast expanse of reeds, you can never run to the front The farther you run, the fewer people there will be At last, there is only the boundless reeds You may be the only one left in the depths of Dongjing river The sky is high and the golden water flows eastward You may feel lonely again

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