Yidan Han

Ma Lan

马兰, 回族。曾出版诗集《坐在哪里》(2003)。她的诗发表在《花城》、《今天》等海内外杂志。现居北京。

Ma Lan, originally Luo Malan. She is from Sichuan, China. Her poems have appeared in various periodicals, including Huacheng, Today. She has published a poetry collection Where to Sit? (2003). She lives in Beijing.


Martin Winter

Born in 1966 in Vienna, Austria. Studied Chinese in Taiwan 1988-90. Graduated from Vienna University 1995 (MA). Taught German and English in various countries. Currently working as a translator in Beijing.



Let It Rain

下一场雨吧,我在他的嘴唇上 我很弹性,你看我的手指 弹琴的手。 让这位男人讲话,他要到哪里去 我可以离开他的嘴唇 我知道他会走得很快 可怎么样才能从左心室走到右心室 时间太小,我所看望的字体 也瘦可见骨 很久前我在路上,哭诉比较有力 现在下一场雨吧,抑制我 包庇我。 我的衣裳放在手上,和我 有浓雾般的距离

let's have some rain now, i am on his lips i'm very elastic, just look at my fingers there on the piano. just let this man speak, let him go where he wants i can leave his lips i know he can walk very fast but how can you walk from the left heart chamber to the right one? the time is too small, and the characters i go to see are too skinny just look at their bones a long time ago when i was on the road, i was weeping in force now let's have some rain, to restrain and protect me. my clothes are there on my hand in the distance with fog in between

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