Yidan Han

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Minghua Chen


Minghua Chen, born in December 1956, immigrated to Los Angeles, USA in 1979. He began to write poetry when he was a middle school student. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of New World Poetry Bimonthly which was launched in 1990. His poetry collections include Tales of Rivers, The World of Fairy Tales, Games in Spring and Stairs to Heaven. He lives in Los Angeles and works as an electronic engineer.


Yidan Han

绿音,原名韩怡丹。著有诗集《临风而立》(1993)、《绿音诗选》(2004,中英双语),参与编著中国第一部《辞章学辞典》(2000)以及四本中国古诗文评点译析导读书籍。2004年12月在美创办“诗天空” poetrysky.com,任双语季刊主编。她现居美国罗得岛州普罗维登斯。

Yidan Han is the author of two books of poetry Standing against the Wind (1993) and Selected Poems of Green Voice (2004, bilingual). She is a coauthor of the first Dictionary of Rhetoric (2000) in China and other four academic books in expounding classical Chinese poetry. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of poetrysky.com. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Mindy Zhang

明迪,本名Mindy Zhang, 出生于中国武汉,毕业于波士顿学院,现居洛杉矶。曾经与音乐为伍,现与文字为伴。

Mindy Zhang is a native of Wuhan in China, graduated from Boston College and currently residing in Los Angeles. Music was her old passion and writing/translating is her current hobby.


Old Rain

加州仿佛从来不下雨…… 我却常常在大雨中回家…… 生火 烫酒 写诗…… 想尽办法把自己拧干…… 但总有那么一滴留在战后…… 余烬里不肯干的泪……


It seems it never rains in California… But I usually come back home in heavy rain… Lighting up a fire, warming up to wine and writing poetry… I try my best to wring water from myself until I fully dry out… Yet a drop is always left until after the war… a teardrop unwilling to be dried out… in the remains of ashes… (Translated by Yidan Han)


Thinking at Night

乌龙苍白 寂静喧哗 有一个人 自黑暗中 长出 望着我 望着我 春天昨夜来过 樱花就要开了


Wulong tea is pale. Silence makes noises. Someone suddenly grows up from darkness, looking at me, looking at me. Spring visited last night. The cherry is going to bloom. (Translated by Yidan Han)


The Taste of Poetry

我的狗一定没读过李白 每次我用水喉替它冲洗时 都想咬断那比流水更急的水流 但对于年年春天有意洩漏的一点消息 譬如鸟鸣花展譬如女子路过家门譬如 流行譬如绯闻譬如一根藏在电脑里 比什么骨头都要硬的人造骨头 却往往留到夏天才连打喷嚏 这起码证明它熟悉我的 诗的味道


My dog must have never read Li Po. Every time I wash him by a garden hose, He always wants to bite off the current which is swifter than a torrent. But to the news deliberately to be leaked out every spring, for example, chirps of birds, flower exhibition, a girl passing by my home, or vogue, or rumors, or a bone hidden in the computer and hardened than any bones, he will never sneeze until summer when he sneezes a lot, which at least testifies that he is familiar with the taste of my poetry. (Translated by Yidan Han)



我的诗便是了 写在水池边的水渍 迅即升出时间的躯壳 可解或不可解都毋需实现 欢乐的请大家分享 凄美的随我 死于异邦


My poem will be Written in the puddle by the pond Will soon rise from the body of time Interpretable or not, no need to be realized The joy is for everyone to share The beautiful sadness stays with me Dying in the foreign land (Translated by Mindy Zhang )

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