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Timothy Liu

Timothy Liu is the author of five books of poems: Vox Angelica (Alice James Books, 1992), which won the Norma Farber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America; Burnt Offerings (Copper Canyon Press, 1995); Say Goodnight (Copper Canyon Press, 1998); Hard Evidence (Talisman House, 2001); and Of Thee I Sing (University of Georgia Press, 2004). A new book, For Dust Thou Art, is forthcoming from Southern Illinois University Press in Fall 2005. His poems have recently been translated into Chinese, Polish, Russian, Slovene and Turkish. Born in California and raised by immigrant parents from Mainland China, Liu is currently an Associate Professor of English at William Paterson University and on the Core Faculty of the MFA Writing Program at Bennington College. He lives in Hoboken, NJ.

刘悌摩出版过五本书。他的第一本诗集《沃克丝.安杰莉卡》(詹姆士书局, 1992),获美国诗歌协会诺玛.珐芭首书奖;《被烧毁的奉献》(库博大峡谷出版社, 1995);《说晚安》(库博大峡谷出版社,1998);《有力的证据》(塔里斯曼书社, 2001);《我为你而歌唱》(乔治亚大学出版社,2004)。他的新书,《你为凡尘》即将由南伊利诺大学出版社于2005 年秋季出版。他的诗被译为多种文字,包括中文,波兰文,俄文,斯洛文尼亚文和土耳其文。在加利福尼亚出生的刘悌摩生长于中国大陆移民来美的父母家庭,目前是威廉帕特森大学的英语副教授,同时也是柏林顿学院的MFA创作班的核心教员。他现定居在新泽西州的霍波肯。



Laoha, poet and translator, pen name of Xiaoqing Mario Li, born in China in 1960. He moved to USA in 1986 and made his residence in northern Nevada since 1987.


Ars Poetica


Even then those fissures could be seen. Once a grand hotel in another age. Yes it was, wasn't it, he said. All the world day-trading suicide shares. Sinking through the valves of sleep. Crowned by spurts of milky jet. The craft could be taught but not the art.


那些裂缝当时就可见。 曾是另一个时代的辉煌大酒店。 是啊,就是这样的吧,他说。 为全世界所有自杀的股票当日交易者所共用。 透过昏睡的阀门在下沉。 有奶白色的气流喷射为之加冕。 可传的是手艺而不是艺术。

Duck Hunting


Kokoschka's woman mostly wound, left to fend for herself in a bathing suit under pastel skies—eyes fixed on that mallard driven down. A dog among the reeds afloat on his own shadow—bestial gaze malingering on a female form who stands in a flesh canoe. No other signs of life to hold our attention, only an abandoned cottage at the picture's edge, the hunter kept from view. This work's all muscled torque where canine shoulders dissolve to strokes of blue—a gun-shaped smudge of the artist's blood angled in the scrub.


科科什卡的女人多半受了伤, 被留下来自己照顾自己,在光线 柔和的天空下穿着泳装,眼睁睁地 看着绿头鸭掉下来。芦苇丛中 有一只狗游荡在他自己的影子里, 带兽性的眼光无精打采地停留 在肉色小舟上站着的雌性形体 身上。除了在画框的边缘有一座 废弃的村间小屋,被猎人挡住 看不见外,其他没有任何生命的痕迹 引起我们的注意。溶成狗肩的几刷蓝色 凝聚了这幅作品的全部力度——涂抹在画角 几笔枪状痕似乎是艺术家自己的血迹。 译注:奥斯卡-科科什卡(Oskar Kokoschka),1886-1980,英国画家。



The work of his hands cannot cry. The mouths that cannot breathe or speak took hours to make. Beauty was not required. Only hands that spoke two languages. All it took to make a human cry.


从他手里出来的作品不会哭。 不会呼吸也不会说话的嘴巴 得花好几个小时才能塑成。 美是毋须具备的。只要有 会说两种语言的手就够了。 这就足以让人哭喊。 译注:阿尔贝托-贾科梅蒂(Alberto Giacometti),1901-1966, 瑞士雕塑家和画家,主要侨居在法国。

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