Yidan Han

Yidan Han is the author of three books of poetry, including Standing against the Wind (1993), Selected Poems of Green Voice (2004, bilingual), and Flying in Silence (2008). She is the editor of The PoetrySky Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Poetry, 2005-2006 (2007), The PoetrySky Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry 2005-2008 (2009), and a coauthor of five academic books that explore classical Chinese poetry. Her Chinese and English poems have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies in China, United States and other countries, including The Providence Journal, Colorado Review, and Poetry Periodical. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Poetry Sky. She lives in New Hampshire.

绿音, 原名韩怡丹。1967年1月生于福建。在福州度过中、小学时代。1989年毕业于厦门大学新闻系。曾任厦大《采贝诗刊》副主编。2002年赴美留学,获文学创作硕士学位。1985年开始发表诗作。著有诗集《临风而立》(1993)、《绿音诗选》(2004)和《静静地飞翔》(2008)。中、英文诗作散见于《诗刊》《创世纪》《普罗维登斯日报》《科罗拉多评论》等数十种海内外报刊及诗歌选本。主编《诗天空当代华语诗选》双语版(2007)和《诗天空当代美国诗选》双语版(2009)。美国《诗天空》(PoetrySky.com)中英双语季刊创始人及主编。诗作曾在中、美获奖。现居美国新罕布什州。