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Kelin Cai


Kelin Cai was born in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. He has published six books of poetry, including The Turn of Beauty. He is the editor-in-chief of Houston Poetry, a Chinese poetry journal. He lives in Houston, US.


Kelin Cai


A Chocolate Berlin Wall

十年前推倒了的 那堵柏林墙 现在用巧克力 又垒了起来 日耳曼在狂欢 莱茵河在狂欢 最美滋最美味的 是那簇簇鲜花般的儿童 狂欢之后便可品尝 冷战化作了热量 精制成甜美的巧克力糖 苦涩的记忆,这是墙 品尝美味,又不是墙 呵,一串串笑浪 把它又推倒了 呵,一缕缕思绪 把它又推倒了 允许它 在品尝之后就消失吧 当然还会有 一次又一次 更美丽的攻击


Ten years ago The Berlin Wall was thrown down And now rebuilt With chocolate Germans revel The Rhine revels Those most delicious and tasty morsels children like clusters of flowers taste after revelry The Cold War transforms into calories Refined into sweet chocolate Our bitter memories, these are the wall Tasting delicacies, it is not Ha!--waves of laughter Throw them down again Ha!--a train of thoughts Throw them down again Perhaps it will Disappear after tasting One after another Surely there will be Even more beautiful attacks

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