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Chang Qun


Chang Qun, originally Yang Chang Qun, once used pen name Ruo Feng. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Xiamen University, now lives in Qing Dao, China.


Ben Kiang

Ben Kiang was a native of Yantai,Shandong,China. He moved to Hong Kong in his childhood with his parents and graduated from Hong Kong Chinese University. He has lived in the United States for many years and now lives in Qingdao,China.



Moonlight Wells up in my Heart

是从天而降 还是深处的欲想 纯洁的鸽子飞翔 鸽子是月光如水的断章 春天走了很长的路 到我面前艳若桃花 桃花从很远处来 就像桃花迟早要来 就这样认知了 祖国母亲 她有无比的沉默和慈祥 如若飞鸽静止 天地就在飞逝 就这样认知了 远处的桃花 稚嫩的笑容 曾经的死亡 看远处,奔跃的狮子 象一头蚂蚁 看远处,一头蚂蚁 看另一头更小的蚂蚁 有时过一道河 要走很长的路 仿佛光从远空而来 有时一种深情 豁然漫过心岸 更多的潮水更多的月光

Is it from the sky Or from deep desire The chaste pigeon flies The pigeon is the broken page Of water on moonlight Spring has come a long way Come to me beauteous like peach blossom The peach blossom is from afar Just like peach blossom has to come sooner or later It comes to me just like that My homeland mother She has peerless quiet and kindness Like a pigeon standing still The world dies flying away It comes to me just like that The peach blossom afar The tender smile The once death Behold afar, a galloping lion Looks like an ant Behold afar, an ant Stares at another even smaller ant Sometimes crossing a river One has to go through a long way As if the light from the sky afar Sometimes a kind of deep affection Suddenly overflows the shore of my heart More waves more moonlight


The Death of a Saint

该结束,恩怨的欲念 疲倦的枝头,不死鸟瞬间的停驻 花朵的停驻 飞翔的停驻 很早丢了神物的圣人 支撑躯壳,艰难活着 因为这个秘密 圣人身不由己,日渐枯瘦 我知道是那黑色的声音 穿透洁白的纸壁 造成秘密的死亡 使久病的圣人 在我的怀抱中长逝 圣人死亡的份量,圣人生前 沥血相觅的神物的踪迹 叫我心疚 使那黑色的声音顿成烟雾 该结束,这恩怨的欲念 我的冒失 以花朵开放的姿势 在人群的动感前缄默 圣人已逝 能够复归的只有 失去很久的远处的神物 身不由己的我 从此开始 追赶不死鸟飞翔的寻迹

Should be ended, the desires of gratitude and resentment The weary branch, the phoenix's temporary rest The blossom's rest The flying's rest The saint who has long lost his sacredness To sustain his body shell, living arduously Because of this secret The involuntary saint Emaciates I know that is the voice of blackness Pierce through the clean white paper wall That causes the death of the secret That causes the bedridden saint To be gone forever in my embrace The weight of the saint's death, during his lifetime Shedding blood from his heart looking for the sacredness Make me feel guilty Make the voice of the blackness into smog Should be ended, the desires of gratitude and resentment My boldness In the gesture of a opening blossom Remains silent in the front of the crowd's vitality The saint is dead What can come back again Is long lost sacredness from afar I involuntarily from this day onwards chase footprints of the phoenix

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