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Dara Wier

Dara Wier's books include the forthcoming, Remnants of Hannah (Wave Books 2006), Reverse Rapture (Verse Press 2005), Hat on a Pond (Verse Press, 2002) and Voyages in English (Carnegie Mellon U. Press, 2001). Awards include the Jerome Shestack Award by the American Poetry Review's Jerome Shestack Prize, a Guggenheim and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. Her poems are included in volumes of the Pushcart Prize and Best American Poetry series. She is a member of the poetry faculty and director of the MFA program for poets and writers at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

达拉-维尔的诗集包括即将出版的《汉娜的残迹》(浪潮书社, 2006)以及《逆向狂喜》(诗行出版社, 2005) 、《池塘上的帽子》(诗行出版社, 2002) 和 《英语远航》(卡内基梅隆大学出版社, 2001) 。曾获奖项包括《美国诗歌评论》所颁布的歇斯塔克奖、古根海姆奖和美国艺术捐赠基金奖。她的诗被收入《普希卡奖诗集》和《美国最佳诗作》系列。她是美国麻省州立大学诗歌教授,并任诗人作家艺术创作班硕导主任。


Mario Li


Poet and translator. Under Chinese pen name Laoha, he translates and writes poems both in English and Chinese. He was born in China in 1960 and now lives in Northern Nevada, USA.

I Tire Too of Watching the Osprey


Your ants and my ants were meeting far out in space Which frightened me at first as I feared they were meeting On the plains of war. I got that wrong. They were meeting To swap stories about us, they're concerned. They understand That we build things that sometimes kill us and they wonder What are we thinking when we do this. They've observed How infrequently we put to good use what we've observed. They marvel how we've barely learned from our mistakes. How strange we are, they murmur to one another in awe Of our reckless ways. They worry that we rarely recognize The one choice we make whose consequences can not be Reversed. How sweetly seem our ants as they stand around On their pneumatic onyx legs gesticulating to underscore Their riddled fear for us, how artful their antennae are.


你的蚂蚁和我的蚂蚁在遥远的太空里集会, 起先这可把我吓得够呛,因为我真怕他们把集会 开在了战场上。我弄错了。他们集会是为了 交流有关我们的事情。他们在担忧。他们知道 我们制造一些有时会残杀我们的东西。他们疑惑 我们这样做时究竟是在想什么。他们观察到, 我们很少好好地利用我们所观察到的东西。 他们惊叹,我们几乎不从错误里汲取什么教训。 我们好怪啊,他们在惊骇中窃窃私语,议论我们 轻率鲁莽的方式。他们担心,我们基本上没有认识到 我们所作出的任何一个选择,其后果都将无法逆转。 我们的蚂蚁看上去好可爱,他们站立在外表似缟玛瑙 而又中空的腿上,在那儿做着动作示意,强调他们 对我们如同迷一般的惧怕,他们的触角可真巧妙。

A Cadaver in the Take out Aisles


It was impossible not to find one's self staring at her. As though her proximity to such an abundance of food Animated her revolving near reeling from cold case To hot case from pastas to salsas to dumplings to seeds, She spoke loudly across the aisles inquiring of ingredients, Applying for re-installation of her hands among the living. It looked as if she'd been dead for several years, her onyx And absinthe skin tones shone around her sunken eyes, so near Her skull her skin stretched it seemed as if it would burst. When so as not to be staring I turned away I could see The eyes of all of the others who couldn't help but be watching Fearfully and tenderly to take her in, wondering what would Become of us all later after she's disappeared when she's left To linger in among the multifarious take-out our minds are let in.


要想不盯着她看是完全不可能的。 好像是离这么多的食品如此之近使得她 浑身鼓足了劲马不停蹄地从冷柜到热柜, 又从面食柜到酱料柜,再从饺子柜到种子柜。 她隔着过道,大声地打听着各种配料配方, 急着想把自己的双手再次伸入生活。 看上去,她似乎已经死了好几年了, 水泡眼的四周如玛瑙似苦艾的皮肤放着光, 紧紧的绷在头盖骨上,像是就要破裂似的。 我不想盯着她看,把头转开的时候我看到 所有的其他人不能自已的目光,大家既恐惧 又温情地看着她,急欲想知道,待会儿当她留在 那些各种各样的、已经吸住我们心思的外卖中 流连忘返时,消失了,结果我们又会怎样。

Addressing a Preposterous Flower


Where do you come from, preposterous flower, what do you Hope to accomplish with your lanky stems from which hang a series Of swollen hearts from which extend additional extremes which From a distance look like tiny teardrops? Your earnest melodrama Is comical. It is not so for the maypop also known as passion Flower whose elaborate design displays remain indescribable. If I were a photographer I would photograph you to see how you Look in a photograph. When wind and hail and hard rain hit do You feel shaken, do you feel anything? You look as if in the past You've felt something so traumatic it transformed your appearance. You look as if you're telling us something about it, with all you can Muster. I'm trying to think of what might lead me to sprout multiple Hearts down the length of my arms, bare them to the world, show them Dripping, quite pleading tears. Difficult. Daunting. Not unimpossible.


你是从哪儿来的?怪花,你那一颗又一颗 肿胀的心,吊在你纤细的茎上,垂得特长, 远远看上去,像是粒粒微小的泪珠,你想以此 达到什么目的?你这最诚挚的剧情好滑稽。 那被称之为情花的西番莲也不会这样, 它所展示的精细图案至今还无人能够描述。 如果我是摄影师,我准会为你摄影,要看看相片中的你 会是怎样。当狂风、冰雹和暴雨袭来的时候,你是否 会感到动摇,你会有任何感觉吗?你看上去好像经历过 什么重大的创伤,以至于你的外表也随之改变。你似乎 是在对我们述说,鼓足了你的全部所能。我试想,什么 才会有此可能,让我成批地发芽,长出有我的手臂 那样长的心,低低垂下,裸露在世界的面前,不掩饰自己 流下恳请的泪水。艰难。寒心。不会有这种可能。

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