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Peter Feng


Peter Feng was born in Chongqing, China, in 1979. He has received a Ph.D degree in literature from Nanjing University and currently teaches English at Jinan University. He has translated The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath (2013), The Web and the Rock (2011), A Journey through the Chinese Empire (2006), and co-written a book of poems: Cruel Raven (2011). His study includes poetry, psychoanalysis, and contemporary philosophy.


Peter Feng


Daily Prayer

……这漫长的疾病,我的生命 ——亚历山大-蒲柏 我的每一天消耗在傲慢与偏见,生的与熟的 佛陀与耶和华之间,阿门 我的每一天用两小时爬山,三小时下山 如遇滑坡就睡鬼火山腰,阿门 我的每一天都有奶和蜜,感谢万能的沙漠 没有把我变成摩西,阿门 我的每一天在敌人里找朋友,鸡蛋里挑骨头 衣柜里翻未来之书,阿门 我的每一天上午被魔鬼造访,下午被浮士德 晚上被一头麋鹿,阿门 我的每一天在时间的四边形内跳冰上芭蕾 刻痕清晰而寒冷,阿门 我的每一天清晨新瓶装新酒,但我从不喝酒 午夜钟响之前全运走,阿门 我的每一天预提生命的全部,出纳从梦里 递给我一张盲文收据,阿门 我的每一天接无数天体告密者电话,有关 宇宙的正义我保持沉默,阿门 我的每一天拨弄吉他的第七根弦,一匹马 在上面旋转成反非马,阿门 我的每一天划开概念的流体,我的双面桨 乃康定斯基的遗失版,阿门 我的每一天学习系统内的平衡,无需等待 一名恐怖分子,她已闯入,阿门 我的每一天寻找迷宫的出口,以蜡粘翅 以防线团瞬间消失,阿门


...this long disease, my life —Alexander Pope Every day of my life is spent between pride and prejudice, the raw and the cooked, Buddha and Jehovah, amen Every day of my life climbs the mountain in two hours, three hours for coming down, if there is a landslide I will sleep with will-o'-the-wisp, amen Every day of my life has milk and honey, thanks to the omnipotent wasteland not making me a Moses, amen Every day of my life looks for a friend in enemies, picks bones in eggs and leafs through the Book of the Future in the wardrobe, amen Every day of my life is visited by devil in the morning, Faust in the afternoon, an elk at night, amen Every day of my life performs ice ballet on the rectangle of time, leaving cold but clear incisions, amen Every day of my life fills the new jug with new wine in the morning, but I never drink so I have them all sent away by midnight, amen Every day of my life prepays life's full cost, so in the dream the cashier passes me a receipt printed in Braille, amen Every day of my life receives millions of calls from celestial informers, about cosmic justice I prefer to keep silent, amen Every day of my life plucks guitar's seventh chord, a horse revolving on it becomes an anti-non-horse, amen Every day of my life cleaves the fluid of concepts, my double-edged oars resemble Kandinsky's posthumous version, amen Every day of my life learns how to balance in the system, not expecting a terrorist, she has broken in, amen Every day of my life searches for exits from the labyrinth, gluing wings with wax, in case the thread disappears, amen

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