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Gu Ma


Gu Ma, contemporary Chinese poet, born in Wuwei, Gansu province in 1966, now lives in Lanzhou. He began to write poetry in the end of 1980s and has participated in the "Youth Poetry Seminar" by the Poetry Periodical in 1997. He has been twice selected as one of "Eight Poetry Steeds of Gansu". He has published a number of poetry collections, including Rouge,Ox Horn, West Wind,Ancient Horse, Poems of Gu Ma,A Red Candle Lighting Up Ink Marks, The Ballad of Sunset, Origin of the Yellow River. He is the recipient of numerous national poetry awards and honors, including "Yellow River Literature Award", "People's Literature Prize(2007)", "Top 10 Chinese Poets(2008)".


Shu Dandan


Shu Dandan, born in Changde, Hunan Province in1972, poet and translator. She is the translator of several Chinese translation edition of English poetry collections, including The Colleted poems of Philip Larkin and Raymond Carver. Her poems appeared in various poetry journals and anthologies. She is the winner of several translation awards and poetry award.


Fallen Leaves of Norbulingka

罗布林卡只有一个僧人:秋风 罗布林卡只我一个俗人:秋风 用落叶交谈 一只觅食的灰鼠 像突然的楔子打进谈话之间 寂静,没有空隙


There is only a monk in Norbulingka: autumn wind There is only me a laity in Norbulingka: autumn wind Chatting by fallen leaves A little gray mouse foraging for food Drives into the talk like a sudden wedge Silence, without any interspace



没有人,没有人在厚重的墙壁上 用手指画一扇窗,很小很小的 一扇窗 一只发红的灯泡 在我脑袋中 像烫人的眼睛整夜盯着我 但我摸不到开关 那个离开我的人 甚至带走了我所渴望的一点儿黑暗


Nobody, nobody is drawing a little window On the massive wall with her finger, very very little A window An aglow bulb In my brain Stares at me all night like fervent eyes But I can't touch the switch The person leaving me Even takes away a little darkness I thirst for



什么时候我们才能相见啊 闪电对河流说: 我说出的全部的黑暗才是木兰的躯干 他要雕成独木舟——渡河而去


When can we meet each other? Lightning whispers to the river Only all the darkness I say is the trunk of a magnolia tree Out of which he must carve a canoe——to cross the river

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