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Gu Pin


Gupin is a native of Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang Province. He's currently a member of Chinese Poetry Association, Deputy Chairman of Zhoushan Writers Association and editor of Islands. His poems have been published in a number of magazines including Poetry, Youth Literature, Stars and Chinese Poets, etc. He has published four literary books and his poems have appeared in various anthologies.


Weina Fan


Weina Fan is a poet and translator from Xi’an, China. Her first book Poetic Wildness was published in 2010 and her second Against the Sun in 2012. She has also published a Chinese translation of Joyce Carol Oates’ Wild Nights (in 2011) and a translation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales (in 2014). Weina completed a PhD in Literature at the University of Western Australia in 2015. She is currently a lecturer in English Literature at Zhejiang International Studies University.


Simple Scene

当你在风中远离黑暗的海洋 对于年代的宽厚,连鱿鱼的骨骼 也成为忠贞的读本,废弃的舢板 在浪花的床榻上醒着 而风暴的弧度足以摧毁航行 在无人可诉的时刻,我多想 一个人紧紧握住方向 但记忆却将美好的事实变成祭品 潮水的流速与飞翔的底色无关 无数怪异的鸟,把自己的巢 建在更深刻的海底,以寂静来迎娶繁星 他们的呼喊比命运更加模糊 谁点亮桅灯,让时间扣留了渔火 一根缆绳,就有一寸寸的思念裹在里面 我不怕衰老,也不怕孤单 热情虽在消逝,但对大海从不会厌倦


When you are departing the dark ocean in the wind for the leniency of the time,even the bones of the squid would become a duteous reader,the deserted barge is awake on the bed of spoondrift while the radian of the storm is big enough to smash the voyage At this moment,with nobody to speak to,I desire desperately to hold firmly the direction on my own However,the memory turns the fine fact into sacrifice The velocity of the tide has nothing to do with the flying grounding Numerous weird birds set up their nests profoundly deep down in the ocean to marry the stars with quietude Their yell is dimmer than fate Who lighted the headlight,allowing time to detain the fishing light There would be yearn wrapped in the thick rope,inch by inch I dare not to be old,to be lonely Though my zest is wearing away,I will never be weary of the ocean


Quietude and Commotion

当盗火者还停留在企图达到的高度 礁岩却是大海多余的枝叶 在腐烂中,屏蔽住我们的仰望 每次经历,都是夜晚迷人的诱饵 而你却从不露出洁白的牙齿 此刻的激流,鱼群在狂欢节日 潮水漫过的陆地,网具在破碎 他们对野花或鸟鸣的丢失 从来都无动于衷。这个残酷的秋天 像连环画被波涛无情地掀翻 对于水手来说,荣耀只是远离了 所有的喧嚣,在被搁浅睡眠的异乡 什么都可以点燃思念的火柴 在落日的方向,大海的宁静与骚动 都是为明天启航准备的早餐


When the fire robber still stops at the attempting height The cay is the redundant leaves of the sea While rotting, our looking-up has been screened Each experience is the charming bait of the night And you never reveal your white teeth The current riptide, shoals of fish are frolicking and reveling The land immersed by tidewater, the netting gear is breaking and broken They are nonchalant toward wild flowers Or the loss of birds' twitters. This cruel autumn Is mercilessly upturned by the waves like comic books For the sailors, glory is far and distant All the noises, are grounded in an alien sleeping country Anything can kindle the match of yearning In the direction of the setting sun, quietude and commotion of the sea Are all breakfast prepared for tomorrow's sailing

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