Yidan Han

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Yidan Han

绿音, 原名韩怡丹。1967年1月生于福建。中、小学时代在福州长大。1989年毕业于厦门大学新闻系。曾任厦大《采贝诗刊》副主编。2002年赴美留学,获文学创作硕士学位。1985年开始发表诗作。著有诗集《临风而立》(1993)、《绿音诗选》(2004)和《静静地飞翔》(2008)。中、英文诗作散见于《诗刊》《创世纪》《普罗维登斯日报》《科罗拉多评论》等数十种海内外报刊及诗歌选本。主编《诗天空当代华语诗选》双语版(2007)和《诗天空当代美国诗选》双语版(2009)。美国《诗天空》(PoetrySky.com)中英双语季刊创始人及主编。诗作曾在中、美获奖。现居美国新罕布什州。

Yidan Han is the author of three books of poetry, including Standing against the Wind (1993), Selected Poems of Green Voice (2004, bilingual), and Flying in Silence (2008). She is the editor of The PoetrySky Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Poetry, 2005-2006 (2007), The PoetrySky Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry 2005-2008 (2009), and a coauthor of five academic books that explore classical Chinese poetry. Her Chinese and English poems have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies in China, United States and other countries, including The Providence Journal, Colorado Review, and Poetry Periodical. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Poetry Sky. She lives in New Hampshire.


Yidan Han


Autumn Palm

秋天 从一片枫叶的叶尖 开始燃烧 星星般散开的红与橙 瞬间抵达 我的每一个指尖 我张开沸腾的手掌 看见岁月已经苍老 掌纹,纵横交错 每一条都能抵达寂寞 却没有一条通向春天 天空暗下来,这时 如果我往秋色里加点雨 就可以酿成酒 而我是那个不醉的人 千杯,万盏 不醉 ,亦不归


Autumn begins to burn at the tip of a maple leaf red and orange, scattered like stars and suddenly reach my every fingertip I open my boiling palm and see the years written in creases, crossed, each one touching loneliness, but never leading to spring. The sky grows dark. If I add drops of rain to autumn it will ferment into wine. And I am the one never drunk, over a thousand glasses and more, never drunk, and never going back.


This Scene of Brilliance

窗前 一棵枫树的几片叶子 开始灿烂了 它们聚集在 一个枝条的末端 红、黄、紫、金黄 仿佛我的 梦想、幻想、冥想和狂想 如此斑斓绚丽 我无法相信 我的世界里,还有 苦难 、黑暗和彷徨 这一片姹紫嫣红 装饰我的世界 让黑暗也闪烁起来 直到秋风把它们带走


In front of my window some leaves of a maple tree begin to shine They gather at the end of a twig, red, yellow, purple, orange, just like my dreams, fantasies, meditations and thoughts, so beautiful, so splendid I cannot believe there is suffering, darkness, and indecision in my world This scene of brilliant purples and reds decorates my world and makes the darkness glisten until autumn wind carries them away


My Glass

我的酒杯已经空了 很久很久 昨夜盛的是月色 今宵盛的是星光 明日盛的或许是秋色 或许是雪 或许是花香 而对饮的人 总在千里之外 我看不清他的脸 但我知道 他的手里也有一盏空杯 于是 我频频举杯 向千万里之外


My glass has been empty for a long long time. Last night it was filled with moonlight, and tonight, starlight, and tomorrow, possibly it will be filled with autumn scenery, or snow or the scent of flowers And always, the one who drinks with me is a thousand miles away I can't see his face clearly But I know he has an empty glass in his hand So I drink a toast to thousands of miles away

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