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He Jun


He Jun was born in 1965. He is a member of China Poets Association. He started to publish his poems in 1989. He has published two books of poetry, one book of novel and two books of nonfictions. He has received Peng Bang Zhen poetry award.




Lake is a Chinese Canadian poet.


The Sound of Waterbirds

水鸟的声音滑进梦想 脚叛离土地 种籽在头上发芽 目光啃噬孤独的背 回到树巢。修筑小木屋 与穿草裙的土著女人 过狩猎日子。水鸟盘旋 翅膀拍打。岩石空鸣 木屋四周的地下水 滋养森林,汇流大海 水鸟的声音响彻远方 路的远方指向大海 土著女人的草裙 长出青草。儿女成群 鱼咬碎天空和飞翔 水鸟的声音滑进梦想


The sound of waterbirds slips into my dream My feet betray the ground Seeds sprout on my head I gaze at my lonely back Return to the nest. Build a little cabin Live a hunting life with a native woman Wearing a grass skirt. Waterbirds circle And flap their wings. Rocks echo The underground water around the cabin Nourishes forests, and flows into the sea The sound of waterbirds resounds into the distance Where the road points to the ocean Upon the skirt of the native woman Green grass grows many a son and daughter Fish in flight chew the sky The sound of waterbirds slips into my dream

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