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He Ye


He Ye, originally Hui Lun Rong, was born in Haikou, Hainan, China. He followed his parent to live in Vietnam when he was an infant. Till 43 years old he immigrated to the United States, and lived in Chicago. In 1973, he created a poetic club under the name of Feng Ti Poetic Club with other 12 contemporary poets. Now he is the editor-in-chief of Feng Ti Poetic Club. His poems were published in several poetry magazines in China, Taiwan, Autralia, United States and Vietnam.


Chiu Meng

秋梦,本名陈友权,又名陈学培,一九四三年出生。曾就读于越南万幸文科大学文学系及英语中心。企业家, 业余从事诗、诗论及翻译等写作。作品除了在本地的文艺版发表外,并发表于海外的《创世纪》等诗刊及大马、澳洲文艺园地。现居越南。

Qiu Meng, originally Tang Vinh Thanh. Born in 1943, attending school in Vietnam. He is an entrepreneur who spends his spare time on writing and translating. His works have appeared on a number of poetry journals in Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia and the United States. He lives in Vietnam.


One Day in March I read Snow

吾在高架公路上 雪花 在飞舞 读雪的侧面背面和迎面 雪的精灵 精致演出 所有青松 所有苍柏 都十分醉心 盘马弯弓 银装百里 众树之臂 皆尘襟脱掉 空濛空濛伸向 天空 路肩的心情筹码 典当经久苍白的旁白 再无疆界可守的 美丽和浪漫 大地 涅槃若是 一佛不出世 二佛不昇天 江湖情事 随手扔扔 统统免疫啦 三月某日读雪 甚获吾意


Driving on a flyover Where the snowflakes were dancing I read snow from its profile Its back and face Where the elves of snow Performed exquisitely All the pines All green cypresses Were enfolded With silver dressing along hundred miles Trees dusted down their arms Stretching aloft to the clear and misty sky Road already pledged its mood To a pale aside No boundary could be guarded Such beautiful and romantic Suppose something of sentiments in rivers and lakes Now I throw all those slightly away One day in March I read snow It rather satisfied my feeling

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