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Jian Ming


Jian Ming is a poet and literary critic, who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He is the president of the Journal of Selected Poems Magazine, the earliest academic observer of Chinese network poems and the most authoritative text researcher. He has published 11 books of poetry including Nobleness, Simplicity, Sutra of Mountains and Seas; 5 books of long reportage; 5 books of critics and essays. In 1987, his work won the first prize of the 1st Star Poetry Monthly Competition, which acquired his reputation. Up to now, Jian Ming has been awarded National Excellent Reportage Prize in 1991, the 4th, 8th and 11th Renaissance Prize of Hebei Province, Sun Li Literary Prize, Wen Yiduo Poetry Prize, etc. His literary works have been selected into hundreds of authoritative anthologies.


Zhang Jiawei


Zhang Jiawei, born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, is majoring in Korean Language and Culture in Peking University. He is the Academic Minister of the Student Union, Peking University. He pays close attention to comparative literature and works on literary translation in Chinese, English and Korean. His translations of modern Chinese poetry include Selected Poems, Selected Short Poems, Sutra of Mountains and Seas.


The Autobiography Of Kafka

我在地球表层刻下一刀 简洁的刀法,与我的命运相似 飞鸟留在天空中的体温 只有天空才能感知 风,什么痕迹也不会留下 一直往低处走,反而成为高度 我从未超越过别人,只完成了自我 我走了相反的路 我的偏执抑或深刻 羞于后人勘测


I carve a mark into the earth's surface Clean cutting similar to my fate Only the sky can feel The heat left there by flying birds The wind, it leaves no trace Walking straight towards low places that become my heights I've never surpassed anyone, only fulfilled myself Taking the opposite road My partiality or perhaps profundity Will embarrass the discoveries of my offspring


The Nansizhang Mountain Stronghold

南寺掌从掌故出发。沿途 你能听到它拔节抽穗的声响 天上掉下来的山寨,天上掉下来的 人间烟火。八十户人家 三百八十多口张氏景观 沿着八十度角的山体、水道和风向 朝天上长 它们缠绕,时间穿越空间 它们排斥,生存大于生活 它们巧夺天工,一峰双影 永远以侧面示人 南寺掌的香火 下接地气,上接天光


Nansizhang was born from anecdote. On the way You can hear sounds of sprouting and tasseling The mountain stronghold and fireworks All dropped from heaven 80 homes And more than 380 Zhang views Grow upward towards the sky Along the mountain at 80° They intertwine, time surpassing space Eliminating each other, survival trumping life Rivaling the craft of heaven One summit, two shadows Always showing humanity its one side. Nansizhang's fragrance lingers Connected to the air of man and the light of the spheres.


My Dummy Brother

只有辽阔,才能真实地触摸山顶 只有天空、海、土地的客厅 才能陈列阳光的地毯 心,渴望长成更大的辽阔 阳光,一粒一粒的语言 它们赤裸着,身子紧凑着身子 彼此不用说话,沉默 会感应沉默的对方 阳光的颗粒中,有我的兄弟 他夸张的手势像一条山路 小径一缕一缕从高处来 向远处去,把失散的灵魂 领回家


Only the flat and broad can truly touch the summit Only living rooms of the sky, the sea and the earth Can display the carpets of sunshine The heart longs for growing into largeness, flatness and broadness Sunshine, grains of language Their bare bodies close to each other Unnecessary to speak to each other The silent can induce the silent Among sunshine There is my dummy brother His exaggerated gesture is like a bypath which comes from the height And goes toward the distance thread by thread Leading home the soul separated from others

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