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Denis Mair

Denis Mair holds an M.A. in Chinese from Ohio State University and has taught at University of Pennsylvania. He is currently a research fellow at Hanching Academy, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. He translated autobiographies by the philosopher Feng Youlan (Hawaii University Press) and the Buddhist monk Shih Chen-hua (SUNY Press). His translation of art criticism by Zhu Zhu was published by Hunan Fine Arts Press (2009). He also translated essays by design critic Tang Keyang and art historian Lü Peng for exhibitions they curated respectively in 2009 and 2011 at the Venice Biennial. (See Lü Peng, From San Servolo to Amalfi, Charta Books, Milan, 2011). His book of poetry Man Cut in Wood was published by Valley Contemporary Poets in 2003.

梅丹理(Denis Mair), 美国诗人,中英文译者,俄亥俄州立大学中文硕士。曾担任美国宾州大学东亚语文系讲师,现任北京中坤基金翻译顾问、台湾日月潭涵静书院研究员。译作包括冯友兰的《三松堂全集自序》(夏威夷大学出版社)、真华法师的《参学琐谭》(纽约州立大学出版社)、朱朱的《一幅画的诞生》(湖南美术出版社)。诗歌翻译包括《麦城诗选》(Shearsman Books,,2009); 奚密、马悦然编的《台湾新诗选》(哥伦比亚大学出版社,2005); 杨四平编的《当代中文诗歌选》(上海文艺出版社,2007); 吉狄马加的《黑色狂欢曲》(俄克拉荷马大学出版社, 2014)。他的个人英文诗集《刻在木头里的人》(Man Cut in Wood)2003年由美国当代山谷出版社(Valley Contemporary Poets)出版。


Hao Wang


Hao Wang teaches English at Yunnan University in his hometown, Kunming. Holder of a Ph.D. in literary theories. He has translated several books including Accounting for the Past: 1650-2000 (the 5th volume of the Dutch Culture in a European Perspective series edited by Douwe Fokkema and Frans Grijzenhout, translated in collaboration with Zhang Xiaohong and Xie Yongxiang, and published by Guangxi Normal University Press, 2007), Chinese Windmill (poetry anthology of Chinese poet Li Sen, translated in collaboration with Steven Schroeder, and published by Virtual Artists Collective, 2007), Dreams of the Terraced Fields (by Zhang Han & Wu Yu, and published by Yunnan People's Publishing House, 2011), The Third Pole (compiled by Guo Xin and published by China Intercontinental Press, 2015). His other translations mostly appeared in New Poetry Appreciation.

Yuan Zhao

So Says The Peacock


Get a look at this ornament. You can hardly take your eyes off it, can you? See how my eyespots gather you in from all angles. See how kaleidoscopically I enjoy the beauty of your crest from the compass points of my tail. With all these eyes we surely can find the best seeds. Come and I will show you my favorite forage spots. All these eyespots sway gently in the breeze. Imagine how we will gaze together on the perfect garden! The interference pattern reflected from my feathers gives them a look of liquid depth. My neck-color reminds you of a pond seen through the trees at twilight, or your nighttime hideaway in a thicket. My tail feathers snap closed, then suddenly fan out again; I've been told the sensory effect can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of testosterone to keep these feathers growing long and bright. It's said that testosterone in my blood increases my risk of infection, but my constitution is strong enough to parade these feathers before you. If you select a well-ornamented specimen like me, rest assured that the tails of your sons will hypnotize many peahens in the future. As their father, I'll give them this gorgeous advantage. Even the humans who keep this garden have taken a cue from us. (That poet in L.A. who calls himself 'Bowerbird' has the right idea.) Ludicrous apes, they suppose that with gibbering sounds they can mimic the effect of our resplendent tails! (Translated by Hao Wang)


看看这装饰,你目不转睛,是吧? 看我的眼点怎样从各个角度把你收到眼底。看我怎样像万花筒 一样从我尾巴的各方位来欣赏你冠毛的美丽。 有了这些眼点,我们肯定能找到最好的种子。来吧我会告诉你 我最喜爱的觅食点。 所有眼点在微风中轻轻摆动。想想我们将怎样一起注视这完美 的花园! 我的羽毛映射的光会显出一种液体的深度。我脖颈的颜色让你 想起黄昏时透过树丛看到的水潭,或是你夜间在树丛中藏身的 地方。 我的尾羽啪地收起,又突然打开;有人告诉我这感官效果能震 慑人心。 要很多激素才能让这些羽毛生长得又长又亮。据说我血液中的 睾丸激素让我容易染病,但是我体格强壮,足以把这些羽毛展 现在你眼前。 如果你选择像我一样装饰华丽的样本,请放心,将来你儿子的 尾巴会迷倒很多母孔雀。作为他们的父亲,我会给予他们这华 丽的优势。 即便管理这花园的人类也从我们这里得到提示。(洛杉矶那位 自称“园丁鸟”的诗人想得没错。)滑稽的猿类,他们以为用叽 叽喳喳的声音就能模仿我们光辉灿烂的尾巴的效果! (王浩 译)

Mowing Them Down


I'd like to thank the farmer Who left the yard of lush second growth Where all my memories date back to, With gooseberries growing by the mailbox, And a large toad living under the porch And me behind a roaring machine Mowing down an acre of meadow plants. We had thistles and violets We had clover and queen anne's lace, And it went down in my concentric squares. I liked mowing over the fairy rings That sprouted up in circles overnight; I would shred the white insides of puffballs Or send up a puff of brown spores; Mow down lushness from an old chicken coop, Release the scent of bee balm and chamomile, Hard to detect through gasoline fumes; Mow down that fungus most obscene, Mutinus caninus Which exactly resembled my dog's erection Claimed by my brother to have been severed in a mowing accident; Mow over the toadstools in the sawdust pit Where my brother practiced his decathalon! Buzz and snarl through afternoons of years, While the grape arbor is torn down, While my brother who cannot tell a lie Chops down our final senile cherry tree And goes off to be a conservative; Mow down the dandelions, and of course grass Until the last outbuilding comes down Until my mother has moved to another town, Until the lawn looks like someone's crew-cut, And the muskrat ditch turns into a culvert And I am entering my college years. (Translated by Yuan Zhao)


我要感谢那个农夫 他留下满院子茂盛的次长植被【1】 我所有的记忆都追溯到那里: 有醋栗树生长在邮筒旁, 一只大蟾蜍居住在门廊下 而我在一架咆哮的机器后面 割刈下一英亩的草场植物。 我们拥有苏格兰蓟和紫罗兰 我们拥有苜蓿和安妮女王的蕾丝, 而它们都顺着我的同心方渐渐躺倒 我喜欢割倒蘑菇仙人圈 它们一夜之间绕圈发芽; 我要切碎马勃菌白色的内里 或是喷发出褐色孢子的烟气; 从原来的鸡笼边上割下葱翠, 释放马薄草和甘菊的气息, 却因汽油味重而很难被发觉; 割下最令人厌恶的真菌,狗鞭菌 恰似我的狗的隆起部位 被我的哥哥诈称是被割草机割掉的; 割剪那些锯末坑上长出的毒菌 我哥哥曾在此练习他的十项全能! 嗡嗡声和咆哮声穿越常年的午后, 当葡萄架被拔除, 当我的不会说谎的哥哥 伐倒了我们最后老态龙钟的樱桃树 然后跑到外地去成了一个保守分子; 割下这些蒲公英,当然还有草 直到最后一间外棚把拉倒 直到我的母亲搬迁到另一座小镇, 直到草地看起来像人的平头, 麝鼠的沟渠也变成了输水管 我进入我的大学时代。 (赵元 译) 注:【1】指原来的植物被砍伐后长出来的新植物

Riddles In Green


1 The central pillar is so solid and definite The tier above consists of firm supports, each shaped like half of an arch Above that, tiers are hypothetical, each limber tip bowed by its own weight The furthest ends are held up and out toward the light So delicate that the light shines into their interior Though flat, there is depth in their will to gather light They are a slow fountain expressing the quest for light Where have I seen this shape? It looks familiar to me As if it comes from somewhere inside me. 2 I sit on the stump of a chopped-down forest giant It is hard to imagine the sturdy pillar that once stood here Or to see a ghost canopy spreading above my head The pillar's firmness was a virtue in the plan of a living thing Now wrenched into a different scheme, it becomes a trial To my posterior, an armless armchair of discomfort Why does it seem familiar, and why did I gravitate to such a seat As if I too had gone through a history of being chopped down? 3. The gash in a steep mountainside in Chiapas Is the big brown scream of patient lives that once anchored this slope Is the big brown scream of farmers who can't take products to market Is the big brown scream of fields in the valley, now buried under mud Further down the valley, a whole mountain buckled and slid into basin land Because green canopies were wrenched from dreams of gradual growth Why do they seem so familiar, those howling machines with steel teeth? Now on the valley floor, smashed by boulders from a landslide they set loose? 4 The samaras whirl down in bucketfuls I gathered as a child Seeds with wings, or packets of possibility are otherwise spread Into caches, to be forgotten by scrambling scavengers Or to fall from lips that were licking sweet pulp Most of the pips and nuts have to be squandered; So only a few can lodge in special folds of earth Why does it seem familiar, seeing all the living nuggets Hurled with hopeful intent into the maw of void? (Translated by Hao Wang)


1 中间的柱子结实而分明 上面一层有许多坚固的撑杆,每一根都像半段拱樑 再往上的几层只能靠猜想,每条柔软的末梢重得弯垂 最远的端头被捧向阳光 纤巧得可以让光洒到体内 虽然扁平,但收取光的愿望有一种厚度 它们是缓缓的喷泉在吐露对光的希求 我在哪儿见过这形状?十分眼熟 就像是来自我体内某处。 2 被砍倒的林中巨人,我坐在它桩子上 无法想象强健的柱子曾经立在这儿 无法看到幽灵般的冠层在我头顶上伸展 柱子的坚韧在一个生命体的蓝图中曾经是种美德 现在被塞进另一个图谋,它成了 对我臀部的考验,成了折磨人的没扶手的扶手椅 为什么它显得眼熟?我为什会不知不觉地落到这椅子上 就好像我也曾被砍倒? 3 墨西哥的恰帕斯省,险峻的山坡上一道深长的刮痕 是尖厉的棕色喊叫——来自曾经缚紧这山坡的隐忍的生命 是尖厉的棕色喊叫——来自无法把产品运到市场的农夫 是尖厉的棕色喊叫——来自此刻深埋在泥浆下面的谷地 山谷里,一座山最近塌陷,滑进盆地 因为绿色冠层被从缓缓生长的梦想中扯出来 它们为什么眼熟?——那些嚎叫的钢牙机器 此刻在谷底,被它们释放的巨石砸碎。 4 我儿时积攒的一桶桶翅果,飞旋而下 长翅膀的种子,或以其他方式被传播的“可能性小包儿” 被拾荒的小动物藏入旮旯,接着被忘在脑后 或者从舔舐甜瓤的唇边落下 大部分籽实和果仁都要被挥霍; 只有极少数可以落进土层的特殊褶皱 为什么这看起来很眼熟——看到所有活生生的小片儿 在满怀期待的意图中,被抛进空无的喉咙? (王浩 译)

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