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Michael S. Harper

Harper has published more than ten books of poetry, including Dear John, Dear Coltrane, Debridement, Healing Song for the Inner Ear, History is Your Own Heartbeat, Honorable Amendments, Images of Kin, Nightmare Begins Responsibility and Songlines in Michaeltree: New and Collected Poems. He edited Chant of Saints, and with Anthony Walton, Every Shut Eye Ain't Asleep and The Vintage Book of African American Poetry. He is the first Poet Laureate of Rhode Island and an American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellow. His awards include the National Book Award and the Black Academy of Arts and Letters Award and fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and NEA. He is University Professor and Professor English at Brown University. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

哈帕已出版十本以上的诗集,包括:《亲爱的约翰,亲爱的科尔特兰》,《清创术》,《内耳的疗伤之歌》,《历史是你的心跳》,《光荣的修正案》,《亲属的意象》,《梦魇开启责任及迈克尔树中的歌词:新诗与诗集》。他编辑的书目有:《圣人的赞美诗》,《不是每次闭眼都会睡着》(与安东尼?沃尔顿合编),《古典书局非裔美国诗人诗歌集》。哈帕现任美国艺术科学院院士。他所获得的荣誉包括:黑人学院联合基金所颁发的罗伯特?海顿诗歌奖,梅尔维尔—凯恩奖,以及黑人艺术文学院奖, 国家书籍奖,曾获古根海姆基金会以及国家艺术捐赠奖。他是罗得岛州首位桂冠诗人,任布朗大学英文教授,现居罗得岛。




Yifei, pen name Haomin Gong, was born in Wuhan , Hubei Province in 1976. He graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University in the 1990s and got Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at University of California, Davis. He lives in Maryland.

for Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge


My best student at Reed College made this for a goodbye meal mother-in-law thought I'd run off with her (as her mother had 'run' from China): then she was babysitting my daughter but could not breastfeed nor calm her down while I went before the juryroll of the National Institute of Arts and Letters with my parents in the gallery (when they were alive) money I took as downpayment (clams on half-shells) for a house I didn't choose or want to refurbish "then my grandmother died" I was audited by I.R.S. and f.o.i.a. the shimmy to the top of the sandpile an unbraiding rope "of riddle and conundrum" "out of nowhere"--Bird's tune 'on accentuals' [Henry Street Settlement—my mother's unkept promise where I belonged as a boy; gangfighting recruitment of Nits and Jollystompers as delicate as the A.M.E. choir downtown at St. Phillips which held no place for me] the story of certain fish certain crustacea where you could eat your fill but not fill up


我在里德大学最好的学生 为告别聚餐准备了这个汤 岳母以为 我会跟她跑掉(就像她的妈妈从中国“跑掉”一样): 她替我照看 我的女儿,但是不会 给她哺乳 也不会让她安静下来 那时我在国家艺术文学院的 评审团的名单前 而我的父母都在美术馆(他们当时还在世) 我用作房屋首付的定金(半边壳的蛤蜊) 那房子不是我选的 我也不愿去装修它 “后来我的祖母去世了” 我被国家税务局和信息自由部门审查 沙堆顶上的希米舞 一个“谜语与双关”的解绳 “从无处来”——“大鸟” 1的曲目‘关于重音节’ [亨利街的住宅区——我母亲没有遵守的承诺 我儿时属于的地方; “废物与乐踏帮”招募打手 就如同位于市中圣菲利普斯的非洲卫理公会派主教堂唱诗班似的美妙 那里没有我的位置] 某种鱼类的故事 某种甲壳类的 在那里你可以尽情享用 但是不要太多 (注1. 萨克斯演奏家查理-帕克。)

Muse [Spencer Trask's den at Yaddo]


On the porch of the secret stairway a bee hive I watch the coming and going near the statue of Brutus as metaphor to Union Avenue when Lincoln bound up the Nation's wounds Yo-Yo Ma was about performance; he sang on the cello to novices and journeymen alike forgetting the late hours of his perfect pitch turned inward for an exacting father and gave all who asked and did not ask and moved on into the layered zones of music carried within a magical ignition he could touch even when empty a bowl refracting in the air and Lincoln's words were his own (mostly) Brutus an ancient patrician who did not know how to protect himself Toomer's beehive a trope on slavery's violation of the dark beauty of women and you have come to me to heal with no profit I can see but the good of the hive her hope and honeycomb alive in the free gift and she was sweet


在秘密楼道的门廊上 蜂房 我目睹着人来人往 在布鲁特斯的雕像旁 它作为联合大道的暗喻 当林肯弥合民族伤口的时候 马友友表演 在大提琴上歌唱 给新手和过客 忘记他完美的音高 转向内在寻求严父 给与所有要求和没有要求的人 接着转入内涵于 音乐的层次域 神奇的启迪 即使在空虚之时他也能感召 在空气中折射的碗 林肯的文字是他自己的(绝大部分都是) 布鲁特斯 一个古代的贵族 他不知如何保护自己 图姆的蜂房 蓄奴制 对黑人美妇玷污的比喻 你向我而来 疗伤 我看不见有任何益处 除了 蜂房的好 她的希望和蜂巢 在赠品中活着 她很甜美

Mama: to Son


Don't be listening to my records when I'm gone why did you kill your e.s.p? "because I didn't want to live in the world at such high prices." Now about those records


在我离开的时候 不要听我的唱片 你为什么扼杀自己的超感呢? “因为我不想以这么高的代价 生活在这个世上。” 现在来讲讲那些唱片

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