Yidan Han

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秋梦,本名陈友权,又名陈学培,一九四三年出生。曾就读于越南万幸文科大学文学系及英语中心。企业家, 业余从事诗、诗论及翻译等写作。作品除了在本地的文艺版发表外,并发表于海外的《创世纪》等诗刊及大马、澳洲文艺园地。现居越南。

Qiu Meng, originally Tang Vinh Thanh. Born in 1943, attending school in Vietnam. He is an entrepreneur who spends his spare time on writing and translating. His works have appeared on a number of poetry journals in Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia and the United States. He lives in Vietnam.





带著一双锯齿翅膀 的一只蝴蝶 偶尔 佇立在一根电线上 而电线 宛若横过海天的一根弦 在云靄中 把一张婉约 如琴的残月 划破了 而它 想以自己的翅膀 割断这根粗犷的弦 将月亮释放 之后 它又落户到我家的窗沿 以禅一般魔力的触须 向我晓梦的方向探索 说想在我梦的荒径上 开一朵花 加一点浪漫 说著说著 就飞进我的眼瞳去 其实 我惺忪的双眸 早已成為一副摄影机了


A butterfly with a pair of jagged wings casually perches on the electric wire The electric wire like a string stretches across sea and sky slices a piece of the graceful, zither-like waning moon A butterfly thinks to use its wings to saw through the thick line and set the moon free Then settles on my windowsill It's zen-like, magical tentacles Feeling in the direction of my morning dream Wishing to plant a flower on my barren path and add a bit of romance Talking and talking then flying into my pupils where in fact both my vague eyes have already became a camera

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