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Qiu Shui


Qiu Shui, originally Rulan Qian. She has published poems in various journals. She is the editor of Strait Poetry.


Title Divine


Title Divine, also nicknamed as Kingfisher. He holds his master's degree in English poetry.


Peach Flower

1、 桃花安静地睡着,她只是 喝了几口小酒,便沾上一生都褪不去的粉色 田野上漫步的春天 没等她酒醒,就掐着她的脸蛋说 “罪过,罪过, 快下来,别在这儿惹祸……” 2、 留住你的花期,别让泪 夺眶而出。 你光洁的腹部, 已怀上了月亮的种子。 有时,你也会高烧不止, 一张走神的唇,献出的 注定是受伤的吻。 着了火的你,一直在诗里说 “淡定,淡定, 寂寞,不过是日子酿出的陈醋。”


1 The peach flower was calmly napping, there She was tinted with pink following some drinks Spring was sauntering in the field Before she awoke, pinched her cheeks and said ‘What a sin, my goodness! Come down, please, stop causing trouble here…” 2 Preserve your flowering, hold back your tears Beneath your smooth belly you hold the moon's seed At times you suffer a fever Absent-minded lips Destined to contribute injured kisses You've caught flame and in the poem always say: 'Calm down, calm down. Loneliness is only vinegar brewed by time' (Note: in Chinese literary tradition, peach flowers are often used as an image of love or pretty woman.)


Golden Years

为何,要等到时间碎成满地残骸 人们才开始赞美 面对一堵半百的墙,我独自垂泪 一叶知秋 谁又能说它不是,一叶障目


Why does praise wait Until time has filled the earth with broken debris I am alone in tears before a wall A leaf may be aware of the coming fall But who can say it hinders the sight of the all


Philosophy of Darkness

吞下喧嚣与沉默 你所有的准备 都为了,诞生黎明


Swallow noise and silence All your preparations Have been to birth daybreak

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