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Donald Revell

Donald Revell is a Professor of English at the University of Utah. Twice winner of the PEN Center USA Award for Poetry, he has also won the Academy of American Poets’ Lenore Marshall Prize and is a former fellow of the Ingram Merrill and Guggenheim Foundations. Additionally, he has twice been granted fellowships in poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts. Former editor-in-chief of Denver Quarterly, he now serves as poetry editor of Colorado Review. Revell lives in the desert south of Las Vegas with his wife and two children.



Mario Li


Poet and translator. Under Chinese pen name Laoha, he translates and writes poems both in English and Chinese. He was born in China in 1960 and now lives in Northern Nevada, USA.

My Mojave


Sha- Dow, As of A meteor At mid- Day: it goes From there. A perfect circle falls Onto white imperfections. (Consider the black road, How it seems white the entire Length of a sunshine day.) Or I could say Shadows and mirage Compensate the world, Completing its changes With no change. In the morning after a storm, We used brooms. Out front, There was broken glass to collect. In the backyard, the sand Was covered with transparent wings. The insects could not use them in the wind And so abandoned them. Why Hadn't the wings scattered? Why Did they lie so stilly where they'd dropped? It can only be the wind passed through them. Jealous lover, Your desire Passes the same way. And jealous earth, There is a shadow you cannot keep To yourself alone. At midday, My soul wants only to go The black road which is the white road. I'm not needed Like wings in a storm, And God is the storm.


阴 影, 就象 大白天里 落陨石, 这还只是个 开始。 一个完美的圈掉落 在洁白的不完美上。 (去想一想那黑路吧, 阳光灿烂的一整天里, 它看上去发白的样子。) 或者我可以说, 阴影和幻景 补偿着世界, 在没有任何变化当中, 它的变化就已完成。 一场风暴后的早晨, 扫帚有用。屋前, 有碎玻璃得捡起来。 后院,沙土上面 覆盖着透明的翅膀。 在风中的昆虫用不上翅膀, 就放弃了他们。为什么 翅膀没有四处飞扬?为什么 他们掉下后就静止不动? 风一定是穿他们而过。 嫉妒的情人, 你的欲望 以同样的方式而过。 嫉妒的地球, 有一个阴影 不是你所能独有。 在大白天里, 我的灵魂只想去 那是白路的黑路。 像风暴中的翅膀那样 我不被需要。 而上帝就是那风暴。



The god is how many bridges and automobiles cut off mid-sentence in the effect of style? Weak and eerie with distance like all magic, scattered, commingled and gone, the god persists in the singing before the syringes of waking. He is the pause endlessly. He breaks the tree, and it waits to fall.


上帝是有多少 桥梁和汽车 受风格的影响 在句中被卡断? 远远看来微弱又可怕 如同所有的魔幻 打碎了又捏上 然后凭空消失, 上帝坚持 在苏醒注射器面前 放声高歌。 他是无穷无尽的暂停。 他砍树, 树等着倒下。

Bending with the Sky


Bending with the sky Small meadows of dry Adapted grasses Eat fire from the wind Fire is what wind has One forgiveness Liberates two The desert blooms More forgiveness Bending with the sky There is no real life Without a new heart Flourishing on fire Heart is what fire has


顺天势折腰 一片干枯的草地上 适势的小草 吞吐着借助风威的火焰 风有的是火 一次宽容 释放出第二次 沙漠绽放宽容 更加壮观 顺天势折腰 要在火上繁荣 真实的生命非得有 一颗崭新的心 心有的是火

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