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Shi Shi-Ran


Shi Shi-Ran, originally named Shi-Ping Yuan, signed writer of Hebei College of Liberal Arts, won the "Literary Revitalization Award" in Hebei province and March-Third Poet Award. She has published her book of poetry Tsing Yi Notes, and Persimmon Tree as well as her collected album of poetry and painting: Walking on Republic Street of China. She is the Deputy Chief Editor of the literary journal The Sea Breezes.


Hai An

1965- ,ʫˡң㽭̨ˡԭʮͶںݴѧֲ㽭ѧϵΪѧѧԺڼۡʫ̳Ӣ˫ࡣСʫѡ(2001ʫѡ2003衷ʫ2012С-˹ʫѡ(2014ʫ2016Сʫ跭ۼ2007йʫǰˡӢգ2009ȡӦϯ15찢͢-¹ʫڡ2007ȹʫڡ

Hai An (1965-), originally Li Ding-Jun, Chinese poet and translator, the Council Member of the Shanghai Translator Association (STA), the prize-winner of STA-2011 Translator Prize and the invited author of UNESCO-EOLSS Encyclopedia in 2004. He graduated from the Hangzhou University in the 1980s, currently serving as the Associate Professor at College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Fudan University and the Adjunct Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Poetry Quarterly based in Hong Kong. He has published more than ten books of poetry as the author, translator and editor, including Selected Poems by Hai An(2001), Selected Short Poems by Hai An (2003, Hong Kong), ElegyHai An's First Therapeutic Long Poem (2012, Taiwan), Selected Poems of Dylan Thomas (2014), Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett (2016), A Centennial Collected Papers on Sino-Occidental Poetry Translation (2007), The Frontier Tide: Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Europe / Qinghai, 2009), etc. He was invited to attend several international poetry festivals.


Spring Night

ҹǾģΪӻ ҹůģҵɫҺˮ ϸɾı ȥǺӱ߰ɡ㿴 ˮ鲣Ŵ ڴҹ治廨͹Ϯķ ͻ᳤ ҹҲг̨ ҹΣûд ȥĸЦ


A spring night is quiet because you cannot hear the apricot bloom A spring night is warm, I sweat dripping for my flushed love Change into a clean light sweater And take a walk by the moat to see the river tumble spring light like broken glass On a spring night, if you fail to note the direction of fragrance and light Wings will grow on your back Spring night also has wings, flying to your balcony And entering your dreams A spring night's has no gateway My departed mother moves like laughter, in and out


One Person's Monastery

ƻ˽ӽĻʹ 罫ط ں˰ɫļ ࡣߵ ȼԺļž Ϧ˷ڰŽζ Զ ÿտ溣ˮȥ С·Ļþ ںߵԺıݺȻ


Dusk and the sea are so close. A curtain of clouds droops low Lightning sews heaven and earth Heavenly music plays on the white keyboard Of waves. A glazed-tile, golden light ignites the silence of the temple The sunset shines on the image of the Buddha. Candles slowly weep In the smell of bananas Chanting from afar travels through the air The temple is empty, the mortal world ebbing with the tide I am there, as if placed in the Buddhist paradise In the temple by the sea, the walls of my heart collapse The gods silently gather behind me


The Pier, Printed in the Book

ڽҹǺµγɫ ֽɡſ ųһʫ״ Խʫ һǰǸĽ ðԹӽ̾ѽˮԶճ Ʈijɷģ ҵεĻҰó һɫ֣ӣ 棬þ ʾҡطڽ ңԶͷӡϵ ꣬DZ


Just tonight, the moonlight dripping from your Chinese brush quietly opens as an oiled-paper umbrella as the shape of a poem, its brilliance crossing the tunnel of verses, bright as ever. On the riverbank for the separation whistling chant of sadness once pasted the river with the distant sky your fluttering gown tore into a flying flag, away with my pulse, married with me in a dream of flower sea ever scattered from each other. Tonight with the same moonlight, the river filled with cherry blossoms, its beauty drops a hint of frenzy. Heart-throb of reunion sets sail on the riverbank Remote pier printed already as a wordless book in my heart Open it as we meet, while closed as we say goodbye

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