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Shu Dandan


Shu Dandan, poet and translator, born in Changde, Hunan Province in 1972, now lives in Guangzhou. Her poems are published in various poetry journals and poetry anthologies. Her poetry collections include A Dragonfly Visiting, Oranges In Late Autumn. She is also the translator of several English poetry collections, including The Colleted Poems of Philip Larkin and Raymond Carver, etc. She is the winner of several poetry awards and translation awards.


Shu Dandan


Pine Needles

在梦里,我走上常走的那条山路 在一棵松树下,痛快地哭 那哭声,好像把紧裹的松塔也打开了 我太专注于自我的悲伤了 以至我忘了这是梦 以至我没有发觉,身边的松树 一直在沉默地倾听 将它细密的松针落满了我的周身 我醒来,已记不清松树的模样 但那种歉疚,像松针一样尖锐


In the dream, I took my usual walk on the mountain path And cried heartily under a pine tree As if the cry had opened the tightly-wrapped pinecones I was so lost in my own grief That I forgot it's a dream That I wasn't aware the pine tree by my side Had been listening to me in silence all the time Scattering its fine pine needles around me When I woke up, I couldn't remember what the pine tree looked like But the guilt, as sharp as pine needles


Wild Deer

鸟羽有风,松林上有薄雾 夕阳的金手指正抚摩群山的脊背 一棵白蜡树的牵引让山崖躬下身子 俯看脚下两只悠闲的野鹿 我们停车,在松针的阴影里呼吸、倾听 沉陷于周遭渐渐聚拢的黑暗 湖水微漾,神似一种天真 无边的静穆,近于本我 在山野,生命各领其欢,纯粹而自由 如心灵盛开,如鹿垂下眼睑


The wind blowing over birds' plumage, the mist rising up from the pinewoods The golden fingers of the setting sun are stroking the mountain ridge An ash tree pulls the cliff to bend overlooking two leisurely wild deer at the foot We stopped the car for a rest, breathing and listening in the shadow of pine needles Indulging in the gradually-gathering darkness around The lake ripples slightly, just like an air of innocence The endless serenity, close to the inner self In the wild, all living things receive their blessing, pure and free Like the heart in full bloom, like the wild deer closing their eyelids

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