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Shu Ting


Shu Ting is the pen name of Gong Peiyu. She was born in 1952 in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Her poems were first known to the public in 1979. In the early 1980s, she achieved prominence as the leading female representative of "Misty" poetry. She is the deputy chair of the Fujian Writers Association and the chair of Xiamen Writers Association. Her collections of poetry include The Double-Masted Boat (1982), The Singing Iris (1986) and Archaeopteryx (1992).


An Fang


An Fang was born in 1981 in Luoyang, Henan Province. She is now an English teacher in Chengdu Institute, Sichuan International Studies University. She has won the second prize in the 19th Han Suyin Award for Young Translators and the first prize in the 4th Yilin Award for New Translators.


“I Love You”

谁热泪盈眶地,信手 在海滩上写下了这三个字 谁又怀着温柔的希望 用贝壳嵌成一行七彩的题词 最后必定是位姑娘 放下一束雏菊,扎着红手绢 于是,走过这里的人 都染上无名的相思

Who scribbled on the beach These three words With warm tears brimming over Who later wrote an epigraph nearby And decorated it With colorful shells and tender hopes There must have come a girl afterwards Who laid down a bunch of daisies With a red handkerchief tightly tied And then all passers-by Are stricken with lovesickness


Double-Masted Boat

雾打湿了我的双翼 可风却不容我再迟疑 岸呵,心爱的岸 昨天刚刚和你告别 今天你又在这里 明天我们将在 另一个纬度相遇 是一场风暴,一盏灯 把我们联系在一起 是一场风暴,一盏灯 使我们再分东西 不怕天涯海角 岂在朝朝夕夕 你在我的航程上 我在你的视线里

Fog-drenched are my wings Yet the wind allows no delay Oh the shore, my beloved I bade you farewell yesterday Here I see you again In a different latitude Tomorrow we shall reunite It is a storm, a light That binds you and me It is a storm, a light That separates us again Love fears not the end of the Earth And cares not staying together day and night You are on my route I am in your sight


Shennu Peak[1] (Goddess Peak)

在向你挥舞的各色花帕中 是谁的手突然收回 紧紧捂住了自己的眼睛 当人们四散而去,谁 还站在船尾 衣群漫飞,如翻涌不息的云 江涛 高一声 低一声 美丽的梦流下美丽的忧伤 人间天上,代代相传 但是,心 真能变成石头吗 为了眺望天上来鸿 错过无数人间月明 沿着江岸 金光菊和女贞子的洪流 正煽动新的背叛 与其在悬崖上展览千年 不如在爱人肩头痛哭一晚

Who abruptly withdrew her hands Among waving handkerchiefs of all kinds And covered her eyes tight Who still stood on the stern When others scattered Her dress fluttering, like rolling clouds The waves of the Yangtze River Now roaring loud Now moaning low A sweet dream left behind sweet sorrows Heaven and Earth, generation after generation But, can a heart Really turn into a stone? So many moon-lit nights were missed For a word sent from afar by swan gooses Coneflowers and glossy privets Flooding along the riverside Are stirring up new rebellion A good cry on your lover’s shoulders For one night Is better than exhibiting yourself On the cliff For a thousand years Note: [1] The name of a mountain in Wuxia Gorge of the Yangtze River. Legend has it that Shennu was a fisherman's wife. The fisherman sailed out fishing in a stormy day and never returned. Shennu climbed up the mountain everyday and looked longingly into the distance, waiting for his return. As the years went by, she turned into a stone. The stone can still be seen on the Shennu Peak.

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