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Jianbin Su


Jianbin Su was born in 1960’s, a native of Yuanping, Shanxi Province. He is the editor of a number of poetry journals. He began to write poetry in the late 1980’s. His works appear in various journals and anthologies.


Qian Shui

浅水, 80后,广东人。从事英语教学工作。现居广州。

Qian Shui was born in Guangdong and works in Guangzhou as an English teacher


In the Season Called Spring

生活并未如季节一样暖和起来 坚冰开始融化,刚好淹没脆弱的身体 从屈原开始,一个又一个 被叫做诗人的名字,脆弱地 写在铁轨上,浸泡在水里 生的终点是死,这个事实 我知道。就像我知道路的尽头 和水的归宿。是什么宿命让脚步一踏上征途 就面临万劫不复。让我 在明媚的春光里,唱不出一首像样的歌曲 春江水暖。在死亡的消息里 我感受这个被叫做春天的季节


Life does not warm like the seasons. Black ice begins to melt, breaking over fragile bodies. Since Qu Yuan, one after another, we are named poets, writing on rails and soaking in water The end of life is death, I know this just like I know the end of the road and the far shore of waters. What compels us to walk this long road to face a hopeless damnation On a beautiful spring day I cannot sing a decent song Warm water in a spring river. In the news of death I feel the season called spring.

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