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Boshuang Wang


Boshuang Wang graduated from Xiamen University. He began to write poetry in 1980's. He has been the editor-in chief of Caibei Poetry Society. He has published two books of poetry The Fall of Buyu (2005) and Ubiquity (2011).


Boshuang Wang


The Autumn Wind Full, I Am Change

秋风像涨潮的水丰满起来 暗夜也跟着厚重。那些睡不着的觉 越发漫长与沉重。我是这个世界 的失眠者之一,黑暗中的无头苍蝇 之一,一直没睡的花朵之一 若是秋风还瘦,我从丰腴的夏天 取来的光和热,足够我滋补一季 而现在她越发丰满,再锋利的剪刀 也裁剪不出风或云的形状 那些执意在深夜垂钓的人 是对这个秋天有耐心的人 在这个带有远古味道的季节,谁 愿意日渐消瘦,去换这个秋天的丰满 她如果丰满,像个空壳 我则沧桑,像成精千年的花前之月


The autumn wind like a growing flood swells The dark night follows with heaviness. The sleepless more ponderous with time's passing. I am one of the insomniacs of the world, a headless housefly in the dark, one of those wakeful flowers If the autumn wind is still thin, I will draw light and heat from the abundant summer, enough to nourish me for a season But now she is getting fuller, and the sharpest scissors cannot trim the wind or the form of clouds Those who insist on fishing at midnight are men patient for autumn In this season tinged with ancient flavor, who wishes to waste away in exchange for a ripening autumn When she is plump, she's like an empty shell I am change, like the moon before a millennial flower

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