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Wang Jiaxin

王家新,1957年生于湖北丹江口。文革结束后考入武汉大学中文系,现为中国人民大学文学院教授。著有诗集《纪念》《游动悬崖》《王家新的诗》《未完成的诗》《塔可夫斯基的树》,诗论随笔集《人与世界的相遇》《夜莺在它自己的时代》《没有英雄的诗》《取道斯德哥尔摩》《为凤凰找寻栖所》《雪的款待》《在你的晚脸前》《黄昏或黎明的诗人》,翻译集《保罗-策兰诗文选》、《带着来自塔露萨的书:王家新译诗集》、《新年问候:茨维塔耶娃诗选》、《我的世纪,我的野兽:曼德尔施塔姆诗选》(即出);编选有《20世纪外国诗人论诗》《当代欧美诗选》《叶芝文集》《中国诗歌:九十年代备忘录》《中外现代诗歌导读》等。作品被译为多种文字,德文诗选《哥特兰的黄昏》2011年在奥地利出版,英文诗选《变暗的镜子》2015年在美国出版。2013年应邀参加美国爱荷华国际写作项目。曾获多种国内外文学奖,近年获首届“袁可嘉诗歌奖-诗学奖”、韩国昌原第四届KC国际诗文学奖、 首届“中国屈原诗歌奖-金奖”。

Wang Jiaxin is a poet, essayist, critic and translator. He was born in 1957 in Hubei Province and enrolled in Wuhan University in 1978, studying Chinese literature. Since 2006 he has been Professor of Literature and Director of the International Writing Center at Renmin University of China. He has published the following books of poetry: Commemoration (1985), Moving Cliff (1997), Poetry by Wang Jiaxin (2001), Unfinished Poems (2008), and Tarkovsky's Tree (2013). Collections of literary and critical essays include A Meeting of Man and the World (1989), A Nightingale in Its Own Time (1997), Poems Without a Hero (2002), By Way of Stockholm (2007), Finding a Perch for the Phoenix (2008), The Snow's Regalia (2010), and Before Your Late Face (2013) . His translations include Selected Poetry and Writings of Paul Celan (2002), With the Book from Tarussa: Translations by Wang Jiaxin (2014), etc. Wang is also the editor of many poetry anthologies: 20th Century Foreign Poets on Poetry (1992), Collected Writings of Yeats (3 volumes, 1996), etc. In the fall of 2013 he attended the 46th session of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. A collection of his poems, Dammerung auf Gotland, published in Austria in 2011. His collection of poems in English, titled Darkening Mirror: Wang Jiaxin's Poems was published in the US.


George O'Connell & Diana Shi



Diana Shi and George O'Connell publish in N. America, China, and Hong Kong. Recipients of a U.S. Nat'l. Endowment for the Arts Literature Translation Fellowship, they co-direct Pangolin House, an international journal of contemporary Chinese and English-language poetry.



如果你在京郊的乡村路上漫游 你会经常遇见羊群 它们在田野中散开,像不化的雪 像膨胀的绽开的花朵 或是缩成一团穿过公路,被吆喝着 滚下尘土飞扬的沟渠 我从来没有注意过它们 直到有一次我开车开到一辆卡车的后面 在一个飘雪的下午 这一次我看清了它们的眼睛 (而它们也在上面看着我) 那样温良,那样安静 像是全然不知它们将被带到什么地方 对于我的到来甚至怀有 几分孩子似的好奇 我放慢了车速 我看着它们 消失在愈来愈大的雪花中


On the country roads outside Beijing you're sure to spot sheep scattered over fields, like unmelted snow or swollen blooms burst open. They cross the road in clumps, the herdsman barking them down a weedy ditch, tripping and tumbling through the dust. I never paid much attention until one afternoon in flurries of snow I nosed close behind a sheep truck, the dark eyes gazing down gentle and quiet, not knowing where they were headed. They turned toward me then, curious as children. I let the car drift back through the thickening curtain of snow and watched them disappear.

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