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Touwen Wu


Touwen Wu was born in 1968 in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. He has a doctoral degree in Literacy and is a Professor in the College of Humanities at Hunan University of Science and Technology. He has published over 300 poems and nearly 100 professional articles and critics.


Sophy Chen

苏菲, 本名陈丽华。1975年生于陕西汉中略阳。毕业于西安外国语大学英文学院,英语语言文学硕士,在外语类院校任教至今。现为国际诗歌翻译研究中心研究员、混语版《世界诗人》季刊客座总编、中国翻译协会会员。1989年开始汉语诗歌写作,2004年开始英文诗歌写作,并在各大报刊发表英汉双语诗歌和英汉双语诗歌翻译作品。获IPTRC颁发的2012年度国际最佳翻译家奖。出版英译诗歌集《花动摇》(赵兴中原著)、《藏香》(女诗人紫影原著)。

Sophy Chen, whose Chinese name is Lihua Chen, was born in 1975. She was born in Lueyang County, Hanzhong City, Shanxi Province of China. She graduated from English Institute of Xi'an Foreign Studies University in English Literature. After her post-graduate graduation, she teaches English in a foreign language institute till now. She is now the researcher of the International Poetry Translation and Research Center, the guest editor of The World Poets Quarterly (Multilingual) and the member of the Translators Association of China. She won the annual “International Best Translator” Award 2012 issued by IPTRC. She has translated two Chinese poetry collections into English.


Snow Goose

一场大雪降下我的孤独 那种缓慢下降的孤独 一片片打湿我的肺 和骨头 所有的沟壑和陷阱 都被填满 所有的孤独 都忍不住颤抖 那些雪地上的坟丘 像倒扣的黄金天堂 此刻,我经过它们 为曾经忽略它们而羞愧 我的目的地 始终没有到来 我迷恋的那些事物 像爱人一样消失


A field of heavy snow sends down my loneliness That kind of slow-descending loneliness Wetting my lungs, flake by flake And bones All gullies and traps Are filled All loneliness Cannot bear to tremble Those tombs buried in the snow Like an upturned golden paradise I now have passed through And am ashamed for ignoring them I've never arrived At my destination Those things I'm infatuated with All disappear like lovers

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