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Xiao Xiao


Xiao Xiao is a poet and painter, the editor of The Special Issue of the Qinghai Poetry Festival. In 1993, she edited The Collected Works of the Pre-Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Post-Misty Poets, and The Collected Works of Contemporary Chinese Poetry Criticism. Her poetry collections include The Woman and Poems Under the Tree, and Time Standing on Its Tiptoes, among others. Her long poem, Elegy for Another World has been named by critics as a representative work of Chinese women poets from the 1990s. Her work has been translated into a number of languages. She is a recipient of an Exploring Poetry Award, and Achievements by A Poet in the Third Generation Award, A Wenchuan Outstanding Volunteer Award for assisting with earthquake relief, A Chinese Poetry Theater Award, the Wen Yiduo Poetry Award,etc.


Jami Proctor-Xu

Jami Proctor-Xu is a poet, translator, and mother. Her chapbook of Chinese poems Shimmers was published in 2013 and her full-length Chinese collection Suddenly Starting to Dance was published by Yi Press (2016). Her chapbook of English poems, Hummingbird Ignites a Star, was published in 2014. She was a visiting scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She has read at international poetry festivals in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia and the US, and her poems and translations have appeared in journals and anthologies in the US, China, Bangladesh,and India. She is a recipient of a 2013 Zhejiang Poetry Award.

徐贞敏 ,美国诗人、翻译家、母亲。著有中文诗集《轻轻的闪光》(2013年),英文诗集《蜂鸟点燃了一颗星星》(2014年),中文诗集《突然起舞》(2016年,翼)。她当过社科院文学所的访问学者,也参加过中国,印度,越南,孟加拉,哥伦比亚和美国的国际诗歌节。她的诗歌和她翻译作品发表在美国、中国、印度和孟加拉。2013年获得珠江诗歌节旅华诗歌奖。


First, Get Death Drunk

告诉所有飞翔的植物 敲开,粒粒羞涩的青稞 花朵与我有了酩酊的冲动 酒杯摔倒 一阵疾风,大醉不归 青稞酒飞起来 寒冷开始后退 心像炒热的怀柔板栗 剥离嘴巴,吞吐真金白银 我已认不清这个表面光鲜 打过蜡,添加苏丹红的泛毒时代 只醉给高原的天空 醉给一片远离枝头的云朵 邀请无穷星子落座 从灵魂的缺口一路小跑 哼唱镀满月光的花儿,先把死亡喝醉 坐在词语的台阶上 我要册封:青稞为王蝴蝶为后


Tell all flying plants to crack open each grain of highland barley The flowers and I have the urge to get wasted Throw down the shot glasses One gust of wind and I'm too drunk to turn back Highland barley flies and the cold starts to retreat The heart is like the roasted chestnuts in Huairou peeling away from the mouth swallowing and spitting out read gold and silver Now I can no longer recognize this surface brightness, this era inundated in poison, waxed with Sudanese red I'll only get drunk for the highland sky only for a cloud that's far from the branches, inviting the endless stars to come sit down I jog out from a gap in the soul humming moonlit-plated flower songs, first, get death drunk and sit on a staircase of words I want to crown highland barley king and butterflies queen


Butterfly in Pain

我内心的伤口 像一个友好的邻居 让我一心一意渴望嫁出去 我的音容笑貌,烹调手艺 样样都像一个好妻子 去年被抛弃的伤痛 在今夜的灯光下 显得极度自然、美丽 就像一只只扑空的蝴蝶 在世纪末,涂满盲目与死亡的情调里 唯美的,动人的飞翔 从感伤飞到感伤 直到被伤口滋养起来的女人 在伤痛的光辉中 用唐诗的胭脂,宋词的眉笔 浓妆艳抹,事事成熟懂事 她的气息透过语言的枝叶 从唐诗一直放荡到宋词


The wound in my heart is like a friendly neighbor making me intent on getting married My voice, appearance, cooking, and craftsmanship are all those of a good wife The pain of being abandoned last year seems so natural and beautiful in tonight's lamplight like so many butterflies flapping through the air at the end of the century, in an atmosphere coated in ignorance and death with their moving, aesthetically pleasing flight Flying from melancholy to melancholy until the woman nourished by wounds in the radiance of sorrow is made up using Tang poetry's rouge and Song lyrics' brows, mature and understanding everything Her scent passes through the leaves and branches of language indulging from poems of the Tang all the way to lyrics of the Song

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