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Guotai Xiong


Guotai Xiong was born in ShangRao, JiangXi Province in 1962. His work appeared in many journals and newspapers and he has published a book of poetry. He is an associate professor of Wenzhou University.


Qian Shui

浅水, 80后,广东人。从事英语教学工作。现居广州。

Qian Shui was born in Guangdong and works in Guangzhou as an English teacher


How Does The Fall Cricket Sing?

秋风一劲吹 夏日的阳光金线就断了 蟋蟀就在那扇柴扉后面叫得更为悠远 一声声,一曲曲 像先秦携带着薄荷香的歌谣 穿过汉代厅堂,又悄然地抵达隋唐两朝 在唐朝,只要蟋蟀一鸣叫 长安的青石板路 就能向四个方向延伸八千里 而在宋元,要让蟋蟀沉默是不可能的 惟有鸣叫才能活通一身血脉 但那只蟋蟀又是一只极普通的蟋蟀 前世准备好的歌谣 并不能穿透明朝愤怒的秋风和晚清的冷寂长空 它的歌谣,只能在向晚时分 以落日下的稼禾为美 在沉寂之夜,以黑暗中的灯盏为心 若能渡过余光中的乡愁海 那啁啾的鸣叫就会更加凄美和哀婉 叫一声李白的月光 独酌的人就梦游到天姥山 叫一声陶渊明 东篱下的菊花便悄无声息地开 叫一声屈原的游魂 低低泣鸣顷刻间化作了吟哦长啸


A strong wind blew and the golden thread of summer broke off The cricket at the door behind Caifei sang more distantly. One sound, one song. The song, like a pre-Qin minty folktune traveling through a Han hall, silently reaches the Tang and Sui. In the Tang Dynasty, if the cricket sang the blue slate road of Chang’an, could be extend eight thousand miles in all four directions. During the Song and Yuan it was impossible to make the cricket silent. Only his song made the blood flow. Yet the cricket was only a common cricket. Its tune prepared in a previous life could not penetrate the anger of the Ming’s autumn winds and the cold silent sky of late Qing Its songs was only beautiful to crops under the setting sun On a quiet night my heart is a light surrounded by darkness. If I could cross the sea of nostalgia of Yu Guangzhong, the chirps would be more sadly pleasant Call on the moonlight of Li Bai, the one who drank by himself and walked to Mountain Taimu in a trance. Call on Tao Yuanming, the chrysanthemum by the east fence would bloom in silence Call on the spirit of Qu Yuan, then low weeping would turn into long howls, reciting.

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