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Dejin Xu


Dejin Xu, Poet and a journalist. He was a doyen journalist of China News Agency to work in the United States. He is now the director of Fujian Branch of China News Agency.


Dejin Xu



可能是木棉, 可能是芒果, 时间用这种方式 挂着。 这不是一杯酒的距离。 高楼的拐弯处,还有拐弯 红灯、斑马线以及其他 都欲言又止。 时间可以另一种方式存在, 比如流水, 从悬崖、从上游 落下。 或者黄昏以后, 群山寂静; 有几座旅舍、茅店, 伫立在时间外面……


Maybe it is a ceiba, May be it is a mango, Time hangs itself in this way This is not a distance of a cup of wine. The twists of tall building, turn more The red lantern, zebra and others wish to speak, but say nothing. Time can exist in another way, like running water, from a cliff, upstream cascading down Or like after dusk, in mountain silence; where several inns stand outside time...


Lend Me an Arrow

在两座山峰上方 群星,点缀成花儿模样 一些不知名的昆虫 正被遥远的歌声弹落 歌声就像一簇箭矢 在半山的草丛 似有跫音 小心溜出城墙 沿着山脚的水流徘徊 我用一段缰绳抓住 我用一枚邮戳盖章 我不停地转啊转身 我不断遗失在群山之间 是谁?又是谁? 埋伏在前方 呵呵,我始终无法将自己流放 成为爱情的囚徒 上帝,借我一支箭吧 借我


Above the two peaks stars adorned like flowers Some unnamed insects flicked off by a distant song Songs like a quiver of arrows In the grass halfway up the hill There seem to be sounds of steps carefully slipped out of the wall Wandering along the water at the foot of the mountain I use a bridle to seize them I use a postmark to stamp them I turn and spin Lost in the mountains again and again Who is it? Who is it? Waiting in ambush ahead Oh, I am always the self-exile Become prisoner of love God, lend me an arrow Lend it to me

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