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Xue Ying


Xue Ying was born in September 1966, he was from Huainan, Anhui Province. He was a member of China Poetry Society,China prose Association, a member of Anhui Writers Association. His poems have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies. His book of prose poems Song of Xue Ying was published in 2007. his book of poetry Under the White Dew was published in December 2015. He is the editor-in-chief of Changhuai Literature and Changhua Poetry Collection.


Qi Yue Ye Zi


Born in 1970s, Qi yue Yezi is a bilingual poet, writer and translator. She is the director of World Federation of Youth Literary Arts, a member of Translators Association of China and a member of ShanXi Writers Association. Her Chinese and English works have won numerous awards. She has published works in the major journals, including Workers' Daily, Journal Of Selected Poems, Poetry Tide. She is the author of book of poetry The Bright Morning Star, bilingual book of poetry The Spring Apple, and two translated works Seeking and The Last Pilgrim.


Corns in Cang Zhou

要在大雪之前 用最后的颜色,与大地一起 颤抖。巢在身旁摇晃 树叶与鸟鸣,已飞往他乡 乳房献给了爱你的人 只有墓碑和你并肩,西风扬起 白衣或者乱发 我以三百公里的时速 针一样穿透深秋的厚度 我们的姿态不同 生与死的观念 却惊人的相似


Before the heavy snowfall With the last color,you trembled with the earth The nest was shaking Leaves and twittering birds had flown away Breasts were dedicated to your sweetheart Only the tombstone stood beside you The west wind fluttered your white robe or wild hair Like a needle,I penetrated the depth of the late autumn At three hundred kilometers per hour We appear in different posture But our perceptions of life and death Are remarkably similar

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