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Yan Bin

严彬,1981 年生于湖南浏阳。出版诗集《我不因拥有玫瑰而感到抱歉》《国王的湖》《献给好人的鸣奏曲》,著有小说集《观察家》《中等生活》。参加《人民文学》第四届 “新浪潮诗会”、《诗刊》社第32 届青春诗会。入选“截句诗丛”第一辑。

Yan Bin was born in Liu Yang, Hunan Province in 1981. He is the author of three books of poetry I Don't Feel Sorry for Owning Roses, King's Lake, and Sonata for Kind People. Participated the 4th Innovative Poetry Convention held by People's Literature and the 32th Youth Poetry Convention held by Poetry Periodical. His works were included in Jie Ju Poetry Collections 1st Edition.


Isolda Morillo

莫沫, 作家、诗人、纪录片导演。秘鲁人,母语为西班牙语,精通汉语、英语、法语。曾在美国、法国、古巴、西班牙读书和工作。中文创作作品散见于《单读》《诗歌月刊》等。现居北京。供职于某国际通讯社(北京分社),文字记者和电视新闻编导。

Isolda Morillo is a journalist and writer based in Beijing, China. Born in Peru, she has worked and studied in the U.S., France, Cuba, Spain, and more recently in China. She has recently published The Ideal Lover, a short semiautobiographical novel. Her poetry and articles on film and literature have appeared in many Chinese independent magazines.


The Last Emperor

他给花盆浇完水,从解放布口袋里掏出一块钱 买了张门票,去他的 皇宫 那天下午皇宫里正好没人 穿过午门时听到一千个仆人的脚步声 他停下来 像往常那样摆了摆手 仆人没有听到他的话 他接着往前走 太和殿前的草皮还没有锄光 他弯下腰 去拔草 他对管理员六岁的儿子说 "这里曾经是我的家" 他从屏风后面拿出蛐蛐罐 蛐蛐爬了出来 一只又黑又老 故事最多的蛐蛐


He watered the flowers, pulled a one yuan note from his army cloth pocket Bought a ticket, entered his palace That afternoon there happened to be no one at the palace As he crossed the Meridian Gate he heard the footsteps of 1000 servants He paused He waved his hands as he did before The servants did not hear what he said And he continued on his way The grass across the Hall of Supreme Harmony had not been kept clean He bent over to pull out the weeds He said to an administrator's six year old son “This place used to be my home once” From behind a screen, He pulled out a cricket The cricket climbed out dark and old A cricket with more stories than them all

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