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Yi Xiao

王一笑,笔名一笑,生于中国河北。著有诗集《是时间在唱歌》(2011)、《走过就不会忘记》(2008) 。诗歌散见《诗选刊》、《七里海》等刊物。

Wang Yixiao, pen name Yi Xiao. She has published two books of poetry, including Singing of Time (2011) and Never Forget the Paths We've Taken. Her poems have appeared in various magazines, including Poetry Selected in China. She lives in Hebei, China.


Yi Xiao



兄弟,带给我杯中长夜 被它浸透,而不是被感伤之蓝 在虚无的边缘,我们不再言说痛苦 而是撒播星簇,它们 从环绕灵魂的黑暗中射出寒光 滚烫的词语逐渐冷却,我们以其灰烬 铺设生与死间的台阶,一些缺席的故事 在上面奔跑如风吹动的落叶 兄弟,谁在翻动我们头顶的天空 它从未被怀疑照亮,像一页巨大的空白


My brother brought the long night in a cup not soaked by the sentimental blue. On the edge of nothingness, we no longer speak of pain we sow a cluster of stars, as they spread cold rays deep from the soul-surrounding darkness. Fiery words cool little by little. By their ashes we have laid the stairs of life and death, on which stories of absence are running like leaves in the wind. My brother, who is furrowing the sky above our heads? Like a huge blank page, never lighted by doubt.

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