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Zhai Yongming

翟永明,四川成都人,毕业于成都电子科技大学。1981年开始发表诗歌作品。1998年在成都开“白夜”酒吧,亦为文化沙龙。著有诗集《女人》《在一切玫瑰之上》《称之为一切》《终于使我周转不灵》《十四首素歌》《行间距》等九种,诗文集《最委婉的词》,散文、文论集《纸上建筑》《坚韧的破碎之花》《正如你所看到的》《天赋如此》等。 作品被译为英语、法语、荷兰语、意大利语、西班牙语、德语等,并在上述语系国家发表出版。2007年获“中坤国际诗歌奖”,2012年获意大利“Ceppo Pistoia国际文学奖”,同年获得第31屆美国北加州图书奖翻译类图书奖, 2013年获第13届华语文学传媒大奖“杰出作家奖”。

Zhai Yongming, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She began publishing poetry in 1981. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Zhongkun International Poetry Prize, the Best Ten Women Poets of China Award, the Italian Ceppo Pistoia International Literary Prize, the 31st Annual Northern California Book Awards and the Chinese Media Award. She has published a number of book of poetry, including Woman; Above All Roses; The Collected Poems of Zhai Yongming; Call It All; Fourteen Plain Songs; and Interlinear Spaces. Her poetry has been translated into several languages. She lives in Chengdu, where she owns s operates the art and literary bar, “White Nights”.


Andrea Lingenfelter

Andrea Lingenfelter is a poet, translator, and scholar of Chinese literature. Her translations include The Kite Family (Muse, 2015), a collection of surrealistic short fiction by Hong Kong writer Hon Lai Chu, The Changing Room: Selected Poetry of Zhai Yongming (Zephyr, 2011), for which she won a 2012 Northern California Book Award, and the novels Farewell My Concubine (Wm. Morrow and Co., 1993) and Candy (Back Bay Books, 2003). Her translations of poetry by modern and contemporary Chinese-language writers have appeared widely in journals and anthologies, including Granta, Chinese Literature Today, Pathlight, Zoland Poetry Annual, Mantis, Frontier Taiwan, Push Open the Window, and Chicago Review. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Andrea Lingenfelter, 中文名凌静怡,美国诗人、译者、汉学家。耶鲁大学东亚系硕士,华盛顿大学东亚语言文学系博士。译有诗集《更衣室:翟永明诗选》(2011)和不少两岸三地诗人的作品,发表于文学杂志和译文诗选。翻成英文的小说有李碧华的《霸王别姬》,棉棉的《糖》,韩丽珠的《风筝家族》,王安忆的中篇小说《骄傲的皮匠》等。她正在翻王安忆的《天香》(企鹅出版社)。其诗歌发表在CHA,Full Tilt 等杂志。现居旧金山湾区。


I Can't Bear the Driving Rain

我受不了大雨横飞 吃完一大堆伤感之后 又去吃灰色的湿润 它们激动地本来跑 去声音像一种鼓动 我受不了那些喃喃之声 或是冲锋枪点射 或是男女销魂 终胜过 一整夜的电话振铃 词语像是落地生灰 不见了温柔的识别 我也受不了大雨的角度 它们一会儿垂直 一会儿斜飞 它们为什么不向上 沿着我的意愿攀升 去钻破一个梦的核心 我看到它捶打受惊的尘土 溅起了一地树叶 树叶那么多 我怎么样才能 看到它之后的眼睛


I can't bear the horizontal driving rain After consuming a mass of pain it consumes the grey and wet whipping around excitedly resounding like drum rolls I can't bear its monotonous mumbling like the strafing of machine guns or the ecstasy of men and women attained at last the telephone rings all night long words drift to the floor and turn to ash with no recognition of tenderness I can't bear the angled hard rain for a while it hangs straight down then flies slantwise why doesn't it rain upwards climbing high with my aspirations drilling a hole in the heart of a dream I see it pounding the startled earth spattering the leaves that cover the ground there are so many leaves how could I ever see the eyes behind them


A Word

一个男孩子教给我一个词 他把它分为:床上用语 生活用语 书面用语 那个男孩不知道 当我使用它 我关掉了他的属性 就像我喷出眼泪 却关掉它的液囊 世界上有这不为我知道的词 它却在我的身体里发出尖叫 我知道这尖叫有多高 知道 它快于风的速度 却不知道 它重于空气的发作 要将我带到什么地方 我使用它就像机器使用它的性能 太多的男孩啊,教给我这个词 而我教给他们这个词的变化


A boy teaches me a word He divides it into: pillow talk everyday talk bookish talk This boy doesn't know that when I use it I block off its attributes just as my gushing tears close off its tear ducts There is a word unknown to me in this world but it cries out inside my body I know how loud and shrill it is I know it's faster than the wind but I don't know where its outbursts, heavier than air, are going to take me I use it the way a machine employs its functions O, too many boys have taught me this word and I have taught them its transformations

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