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Zhang Jing


Zhang Jing. Pen named "Red Sun", "Xia Yiyi". Her English name is RedSunny. Born in 70s in Beijing. She earned a MA in Journalism in America and now a senior reporter. Jing started writing poetry in 1986 and stopped later. In 1995 she once again pick up poetry and her poetry published since 2008 in a variety of publications, including The World Chinese Magazine, Poetry Selected Magazine and others. She won Jin Di Poetry Prize award of excellence.


Zhang Jing


To Time

暮色渐次黯淡,有谁会去追问骄阳的踪影? 天空浩瀚。在心中研磨。在软的存不住一粒口水的云雾上奔跑 圈地,嫁接靠谱的陶泥,自以为是的时差生活 跨过时间的空白留住了我的长辫子、小蛮腰、女儿身 还有波澜不惊的坚定。醉过宏云。或到过水花四起的蒲团湾 一写再写星空聚集的嘶鸣,海上菊隐过的困境 多么牵强的味道,哄着眼壑关紧水闸 添加一段岁月,犹如绽放一个见缝插针的新奇 ——夺目耀眼的平凡 我愿意独守疆域,也想与远方的谁同时种在一个屋内 摆着几根银丝,几个养殖自己的契约 提取光阴的掌纹开始扩散,开始放射环绕我多年的斑驳光圈……


Twilight gradually turned dim, who would go after the sun disappeared? The sky is vast. Grinding inside. Running in the soft cloud that can't hold a grain of slobber Enclosing, grafting reliable clay, having an opinionated jet-lag life The blankness crossed over time kept my long braids, small yet pretty waist, female figure As well as the withstanding firm. Drunk with celebrities. Or been to splashing cattail hassock bay I wrote once and again about the stars gathering scream, and the hidden dilemma of sea chrysanthemum How far fetched taste, coaxing eyes shut the sluice Adding a period of years, as if the blooming of a make-use-of-every-little-bit novelty -- glittering ordinaries I want to protect the territory alone, as well as planted with someone in the distance at the same time in same room Put a few silver thread, a few contracts for self-breeding The palm print extracting time started to spread, to radiate the mottled aperture that revolved me for years......

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