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Zhang Zhihao


Zhang Zhihao, contemporary Chinese poet and writer, born in Jingmen, Hubei Province in 1965, now lives in Wuhan. He graduated from History Department of Central China Normal University in 1988. He is the executive editor of "Chinese Poetry" and the author of 5 poetry collections and several novel collections.


Shu Dandan


Shu Dandan, poet and translator, born in Changde, Hunan Province in 1972, now lives in Guangzhou. Her poems are published in various poetry journals and poetry anthologies. Her poetry collections include A Dragonfly Visiting, Oranges In Late Autumn. She is also the translator of several English poetry collections, including The Colleted Poems of Philip Larkin and Raymond Carver, etc. She is the winner of several poetry awards and translation awards.


If a Root Could Speak

如果根茎能说话 它会先说黑暗,再说光明 它会告诉你:黑暗中没有国家 光明中不分你我 这里是潮湿的,那里干燥 蚯蚓穿过一座孤坟大概需要半生 而蚂蚁爬上树顶只是为了一片叶芽 如果根茎能说话 它会说地下比地上好 死去的母亲仍然活着 今年她十一岁了 十一年来我只见过一次她 如果根茎继续说 它会说到我小时候曾坐在树下 拿一把铲子,对着地球 轻轻地挖


If a root can speak It will speak of darkness first, then light It will tell you there is no country in darkness No distinction between you and me in light Here moist, there dry An earthworm spends half a life to pass through a lonely tomb While an ant climbs to the treetop only for a leaf bud If a root can speak It will say underground is better than the earth The dead mother still lives She is eleven this year I only saw her once for eleven years If the root keeps on speaking It will speak of the boy I once sitting under the tree Carrying a shovel, dug the earth Gently



你之后我不会再爱别人。不会了,再也不会了 你之后我将安度晚年,重新学习平静 一条河在你脚踝处拐弯,你知道答案 在哪儿,你知道,所有的浪花必死无疑 曾经溃堤的我也会化成畚箕,铁锹,或 你脸颊上的汗水、热泪 我之后你将成为女人中的女人 多少儿女绕膝,多少星宿云集 而河水喧哗,死去的浪花将再度复活 死后如我者,在地底,也将踝骨轻轻挪动


I will not fall in love with anybody else since loving you, no, never again After loving you I will spend my remaining years in comfort, relearn to keep calm A river bends at your ankles, you know where the answer Lies, you know all the spray is doomed to die away Collapsing as the dike, I will also turn into a dustpan, a spade, or Sweat and tears on your cheek After loving me you will become the woman among women With so many children around the knees, so many stars in the sky The river in uproar, the dead spindrift reviving The dead underground, like me, will also shift their ankle bones lightly

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