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Bisheng Zhu


Bisheng Zhu was born in a village in Yongtai County of Fujian, China. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Xiamen University and now works for Fujian People’s Publishing House. He has published a lot of poems and proses in World News (Philippines), New Land (Taiwan), Xiamen Literature, Fujian Literature, Works,Critique, Contemporary Writers’Critique, etc. His poems also appeared in a number of poetry collections.


Bisheng Zhu


Tightly Covers the Chest of the World

只剩一种最简单的方式, 由你来告诉世界。 不用语言,一个字都不需要。 不用手式, 不用一切别的工具。 事实上,你已经跟他缝在一起, 两块布, 一块是你, 另一块就是他。 你在世界的上头, 已经是一种言语, 它就是一块布的重量。 密集的针线穿过他的, 也必然要穿过你的。 你来告诉世界, 两块布,颜色不同。 你的布像一只手, 捂紧世界的胸口。


Only one of the most simple ways left, it's for you to tell the world, No language needed, not a word needed. No hands needed, and no other tools. In fact, you've already be sewn to him two pieces of cloth: one is you, the other is him. You are on top of the world, already a kind of speech, with the weight of one piece of cloth. The dense needlework goes through his, and must go through yours. You have to tell the world, two pieces of cloth are of different color. Your cloth is like a hand, hugging the chest of the world.

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