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Hai An

海岸,八十年代初就读于杭州大学外语系,现任职于为复旦大学外文学院,上海翻译家协会“STA翻译成就奖”获得者(2016),著有《狄兰-托马斯诗歌批评本》(2021)、诗集《蝴蝶-蜻蜓》(欧洲POINT Editions,2020)、《失落的技艺》(澳洲Puncher & Wattmann,2020)、《挽歌》(长诗,台湾,2012)、译有《狄兰?托马斯诗歌合集》(2021即出)、《贝克特全集:诗集》(合译,2016)等,编有《中西诗歌翻译百年论集》《中国当代诗歌前浪》等。

Hai An (海岸), pseudonym for Dingjun Li, Chinese scholar-poet and translator in China-Australia Creative Writing Centre, the Fudan University, born in 1965, now resides in Shanghai, China. He has published over ten books of poetry as the author, translator and editor, including Selected Poems of Hai An (Beijing, 2001), Elegy (Long Poem, Taiwan, 2012); A Butterfly & A Dragonfly (Europe, 2020), The Last Craft (Australia, 2020), Selected Poems of Dylan Thomas (2002, 2014, 2015, 2021), Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett (2016), Centennial Collected Papers on Sino-Occidental Poetry Translation (2007) and The Frontier Tide: Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Europe, 2009).


Hai An


Black Swan, Gray Rhinoceros

这哪里是一只黑天鹅,这是切切实实的灰犀牛。 ——张文宏 一只黑天鹅腾空而起 翅翼下的阴影 从中心辐射周遭的江湖 每一只黑天鹅的阴影 都掩藏视而不见的灰犀牛 一旦狂奔起来,就将人人自危 它搅起的混乱愈演愈烈 小危机或酿成一场大灾难 每个人都置身其中,无法逃离 凶险,一开始离得很远 小概率、大概率的潜在风险 不仅是一只黑天鹅,更是一头灰犀牛 看似偶然,其实有源可溯 危机早已存在,就在不远处 心存侥幸,最后都被它一头撞翻 一只黑天鹅的阴影 终将蔓延世界的角角落落 灰犀牛正在改变世界,或将无比惨烈


This is not a black swan, this is a real gray rhinoceros. - Zhang Wenhong A black swan rose into the air Shadows under the wings Radiated from the center out toward the rivers and lakes The shadow of each black swan Hid a blind gray rhinoceros When it charged, everyone would feel endangered The confusion it sowed worsened A minor crisis might lead to a major disaster Everyone was in the thick of it, no one could escape The danger was far off at first Potential risks, both likely and unlikely Not just a black swan, but a gray rhinoceros It might seem random, but its origins could be traced The crisis was already here, not far away Leaving things to chance, it knocked us down The shadow of a black swan Will eventually spread to all the corners of the world The gray rhinoceros is changing the world, or will end in tragedy


Plum-Rain Waterfall

暮春时节再入书院,方岩绝壁巍峨 峭崖处经年飞瀑轻泻 时而有风吹过,烟雨蒙蒙 只因那飞瀑三面为峭壁所困 聚起狂风,翻卷水珠升腾 惊现梅雨瀑倒流之奇观 时而随风洒落一缕水线 远观淅淅沥沥,近听叮咚作响 似琴弦拨动,又仿若松风激荡 细品云雾间水潭间一泓水色 梅雨似的落着,飘飘洒洒 梅雨亭下,人生难得半日闲! 西麓峭斗嶂下有峭斗洞 王羲之在此写下《游西郡记》 “临海南界有方城山,绝巘壁立如城。” 方岩书院,更是俯伏在绝壁之下 仰望的头颅总敌不过岁月 山坡一侧,柴爿花已谢 梅雨瀑终究遗落在我的童年


Reenter the academy against the lofty cliff of Fangyan in late spring The precipice cascades fall gently over the years Now and then there is a wind, blowing the misty rains Trapped by cliffs on three sides, the plunging waterfall Gathers up the wind to roll up water bubbles - A backflow spectacle of plum-rain waterfall Now and then there is a waterline, sprinkling with the wind Pitter-patter by far, ding-dong nearby As fiddling the strings, as stirring the pines To reflect a pool of water color, a pool of clouds Falling as the plum rains, fluttering in the clouds Under the pavilion, my life is seldom at leisure, even for half a day! There is the Qiaodou Cave under the western screen-like peak Wang Xizhi once resided here to write out A Journey to West Prefecture. "Located south to Linhai, Fangyan Hill rises steeply as a city." Fangyan academy just lies under the cliff Even looking up, a head cannot resist the age On one side of the hill, the woody flowers have declined The plum-rain waterfall eventually lost in my childhood

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